Solve the equation 13A equals 65?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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a equals 5

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Q: Solve the equation 13A equals 65?
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Solve the equation -5w=-65?


How do you solve 65 divided by y equals 13?


What times five equals 65?

Equation: 5x = 65 5x / 5 = 65 / 5 x = 13

How do you solve 5y equals 3.25?

Divide 3.25 by 5 and get .65

What is the solution to this equation 5x equals -60?


What is the first step in solving the equation t mines 17 equals 48?

t - 17 = 48 The first step is to move the -17 to the right side of the equation and end up with: t = 48 + 17. (When you switch sides, the sign changes) To solve the equation: t = 65

What is x in this equation 100-25 equals x plus 10?


what is 18+47?

While 18 + 47 is a mathematical addition equation, it equals to 65.

Is y equals 22x-65 a linear equation?


What is the y-intercept for y equals 45x plus 65?

Given the equation y = 45x + 65, the y-intercept is 65. We know this because the equation is already in the form y = mx + b, where m is the slope, and b is the y-intercept.

What is the answer to algebraic equation 3t plus 15 equals 65?

What you want to do here is get the t by itself on one side of the equals sign so it will look like t=something. Here is how you'd solve this equation. 3t+15=65 (subtract 15 from both sides) 3t=50 (divide both sides by 3) and you get t=16.666666667 If you put a horizontal line over the six its usually considered correct or just convert it to a fraction. t=50/3

What is 6.5 percent of 10.00?

is over of equals percent over 100:is/of = %/100 then plug in the numbers...What is 65 percent of 1000?is =?, of = 1000, %=65Let the missing number = xx/1000 = 65/100: to solve this equation, you have to cross multiply (meaning numerator times the diagonal denominator)100*x = 65*1000100x=65000 (divide 100 on both sides of the equation to isolate the variable x)x = 650So to answer the question; 650 is 65 percent of 1000.