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Q: Solve the following 32 divide 4 plus 4 times 8 equals?
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How do you solve 20 percent of 20?

divide 20 by 10 which equals 2 the times 2 by 2 which equals 4

What times 25 equals 200?

You solve this by doing the opposite, divide 200 by 25. 200/25=8 So the answer is 8 times 25 equals 200.

How can you solve x times negative 5 equals 10 without using a model?

Divide both sides by -5 x = -2

How many times can 6 go into 360?

6 can go into 360, 60 times. To solve this problem simply divide 360 by 6.

What is three times a number a equals 14.4?

To find a, all you have to do is solve 3 X a = 14.4 for a. To do that, simply divide both sides of the equation by 3, which gives you a = 4.8.

How many times does 90 go into 270?

3 to solve this, simply divide 270 by 90

14 equals 3.5x describe how to solve it and solve?

14=3.5x Times both sides by 2 and you get; 28=7x Now, divide each side by 7 and you get; 4=x or x=4

What times 7 equals 9?

1.2857 times 7 equals 8.9999, which rounds up to 9. To find the answer, all you have to do is divide 9 by 7 on a calculator.

How do you solve 91 divided by 7?


What times 16 equals 72?

Hm. Well to get the answer you would have to divide 72 by 16. But, 4.5 times 16 equals 72.

How do you solve this equation 9 equals 6s?

9 is equal to 6 times x. divide both sides by 6 to leave the x by itself. 9 divided by 6 is 1.5 so x is 1.5.

What times what equals 3235?

Hint: divide 5 and 3,235

What times 4 equals 125?

31.25 Just divide 125 by 4.

How do you solve for the force of an object?

force equals mass times acceleration

What times 16 equals 100?

6.25. The easiest way to solve this is to work backwards and divide your two numbers, because your equation would be 16x=100. Simply divide 100 by 16 to find x, which in this case is 6.25.

Solve the equation and explain the steps you use used to solve 744 31?

The answer to 744 times 31 equals 23064. To solve this math problem you will have to take the number 744 and add it 31 times.

How do you solve 5x 2 3x 6?

Multiply from left to right, so 5 times 23 equals 115 times 6 equals 690.

How do you solve 30 percent of 2027?

you divide whatever the number is by 10 then you times it by thirty

What times 8 equals 325?

40.625 Divide 325 by 8

What times 4 equals 112?

112 divide by 4 = 28

How do you solve for A using atan when tan times 5A2 equals 0.3333?

"tan times 5A2" makes no sense.

----this space is for the answer divide 21.7 the answer should be 37.5?

37.5 times 21.7 equals answer

What times 30 equals 1000?

Divide 30 into 1000 and that is hour amswerm

Math question-ie 600 is 30percent of what number?

The easiest way to find this out is algebra. "Is" means equals, and "of" means times. So, 600 = .30x (X meaning the number you are trying to solve). Divide both sides by .30 and you get 2000.

How do you solve y equals 3 8?

y = 3 x (times) 8.