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Subtract two from both sides and you are left with X equals -5

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Q: Solve this equation -3 equals x plus 2?
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How do you solve the equation 75 plus 4 equals -2?

An equation is a true statement. [ 75 + 4 = -2 ] is a false statement.

What should be added to both sides of this equation to solve for the variable p plus -2 equals 21?


How do you solve 3w plus 7 equals x?

You can't solve it - you only have one equation and two unknowns. You need 2 equations to solve this.

Solve the equation 6x plus 10 equals 11x?

If 6x + 10 = 11x , then x=2.

How do you solve y equals 2x plus 2?

i guess it is y-2x=2 u can use this equation for a graph

Solve -2 plus 5 equals?

-2 plus 5 equals +3

What is 10p 2 3p equals 36?

It is an equation with the plus or minus signs missing which makes it impossible to solve.

Can you solve for b in the equation 12 equals negative 4 over 2 plus b?

b = 14

What is the answer to x plus y equals 1 and 2x-y equals -2?

Are you sure the directions don't have "solve the equation as x=___ and y=___"

Solve this equation using substitution 3x plus 2y equals 2 and -2 plus y equals 8?

From second equation: y = 8 + 2xSubstitute for y in first equation: 3x + 16 + 4x = 2ie 7x = -14ie x = -2 and y = 4

How do you solve this equation c plus c plus c equals 6?

c+c+c=6 C=2 Because: 2+2+2=6

What does -7x plus 7 plus -5x plus 3 plus 74x-2 equals?

you need to find the value of X first before you can solve this equation

A class writes the equation n plus n plus 1 plus n plus 2 equals 87 to solve the following problem?

n = 28

Solve this equation. 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2?

The correct ansewer is 8

How do you solve -2 - 19 equals -43?

You cannot solve it since it is not a true equation.

How do you solve the equation. X2 plus y2 plus z2 - 4x plus 4y plus 2z plus 5 equals 0 x2 plus y2 plus z2 equals 4?


Can you solve x plus 2y equals 2?

No. There is not enough information in the equation x + 2y = 2, by itself, to solve it. There are an infinite number of solutions. A second equation, or information to allow a second equation to be derived, must be given to find a solution.

Y equals b plus x plus x2?

y=b+x+x^2 This is a quadratic equation. The graph is a parabola. The quadratic equation formula or factoring can be used to solve this.

Solve the following equation using the quadratic formula. -5X2 equals -7X plus 6?

X= (3/5 , -2)

17 Solve this equation 80 3y plus 2y plus 4 plus 1?

The answer to the equation 80 times 3 Y plus 2 Y plus 4 plus 1 equals -15. This is considered to be a math problem.

How do you solve 5x plus 6y equals -60?

You cannot solve 1 linear equation in 2 unknown variables. You need at least two independent equations.

Solve using substitution x minus y equals 2 and x plus y equals -4?


How do you solve the equation 3x-2 equals 2x plus 3?

3x-2 = 2x+3 3x-2x = 3+2 x = 5

Solve the equation x squared equals 4?

x = 2

What is the equation for y plus 2 equals 12?

The equation is y + 2 = 12.