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b = 14

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Q: Can you solve for b in the equation 12 equals negative 4 over 2 plus b?
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How do you solve equation x over 7 equals 2?

x/7 = 2 Multiply both sides by '7' 7x/7 = 7 x 2 = 14 On LHS cancel down '7' Hence x = 14

Solve equation 32x-1 equals 5-3x-2?

x equals 4 over 35

What is x if x over 1 point 2 equals negative 7?

cross multiply you lazy bumAnother AnswerSet up the equation and solve: x/1.2 = -7 (next divide both sides of the equation by 1.2 to solve for x)x = -5.8333

What is negative four over x negative twenty?

Your question is not very clear. Are you asking: solve for x where negative 4 over x equals negative 20. x equals 1/5 (one fifth)

Solve The Equation for negative three over ten x equals negative nine?

-3/10x = -9Multiply each side by 10x:-3 = -90xDivide each side by -90:x = -3/-90 = 1/30

Solve the equation four over nine times x equals?

(4/9) x = That's not an equation. If there were a number after the 'equals' sign, then we could calculate the value of 'x'. But as it is, there's no question there, so there's nothing to solve.

How do you solve this fraction negative h over 12 plus 5 over negative 15?

It is not possible to answer the question. An equation or inequality can be solved. However, the question contains no equation nor inequality but only an expression.

What is negative 17 plus q over 8 equals 13?

An equation where q = 240

How do you solve 5x over 6 equals negative 9 over 6?

5x/6 = -9/6Multiply both sides of the equation by 6:5x = -9Divide both sides by 5:x = -9/5

Can you solve for b in the equation 12 equals negative 4 over 7 time negative 2 plus b?

12 = -4/7 * -2 + b 12 = 8/7 + b 10 6/7 = b

How do you solve x over -5 equals 5?

you multiply the entire "x over -5" by negative five to cancel it out, as well as multiplying the other side of the equation (5) by negative five. your answer should be x= -25-5( x/-5 ) = ( 5) -5x = -25

Solve 3 over 2 parenthesis 1 minus 5 parenthesis equals negative 6?

3/2(1-5)=-6 3/2(-4)=-6 3/-8=-6 Not equal. This equation is a false equation. Unless a variable was meant to be in the equation, this equation is not equal.

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