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Add the two equations: 3x = 15

Divide by 3: x = 5, making y = -3.

Job done.

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Q: Solve this system x - y equals 8 2x plus y equals 7?
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Solve the system 5x equals 2x plus 28x plus 10?


Solve the system of equations 3x plus 4y equals 12 2x plus 4y equals 8?

x = 4 and y = 0

Y plus 2x equals 0 solve for y?

y= -2x

Solve 2x plus 3 equals 9?


How do you solve solve for x 2x plus a equals p?

2x+a=p 2x=p-a x=.5p-.5a

How do you solve 2x plus y equals 0 and 4x plus 2y equals 0?

many solutions

Use the substitution method to solve the system of equations Choose the correct ordered pair 2x plus 3y equals 13 x equals 2?


Solve the equation 2x plus 7 equals 79?


How do you solve the slope y equals 2x plus 8?


How do you solve the equation 4 plus x equals 2x?

4+ X equals 2X. Subtract X from both sides. Four equals X

How do you solve 7x plus 3y equals 30 -2x plus 3y equals 3 in an order pair?


How do you solve -2x plus 4y equals 8?

You cannot solve one equation in two unknowns.

Solve 2x plus 3 equals 9 x equals?

2x+3 = 9x 3 = 9x-2x = 7x 7x = 3 x = 3/7

Solve the equation y' plus x2y equals x2?


How do you solve X plus 1 plus 2X equals 1X plus 5?

If: x+1+2x = 1x+5 Then: x = 2

How do you solve -2x plus y equals -3 and -x plus 2y equals 3?

x = 3 and y = 3 Form a simultaneous equation and solve by elimination.

2x - 5 plus 5 equals 12 solve for x?


Solve the following system of equations express your answer as an ordered pair 2x plus 5y equals 16 and -5x minus 2y equals 2?

The solutions are: x = -2 and y = 4

Solve 2x-y equals 1 2x plus 5y equals -5?

X = 0 (zero) Y = -1 (neg 1)

Can You Solve 2x plus 3y equals 18 and 2x-3y equals -6 Using The Elimination Method?

Yes and it works out that x = 3 and y = 4

How do you solve 146 plus 2x plus 2x plus 26 equals 172?

2x + 2x + 146 + 26 = 172 4x + 172 = 172 4x = 0 x = 0

Solve the system using any algebraic method a. -5x-y equals -3 ---- x-4y equals 9 b. x plus y-z equals 7 ---- 2x-3y plus z equals 2 ---- 4x plus 2y-2z equals 20?

y=5x+2 if y equals -4

How do you solve 22 plus 2x equals 37 plus 6 plus x?

22+2x = 37+6+x 2x-x = 37+6-22 x = 21

-w plus 2x plus 4y equals?

You need three independent equations to solve for three unknown variables.

2cy plus 2xy equals 15 solve for y?