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No, rational number are ones that can be written as a/b where a and b are integers. Irrational Numbers are those real number that are NOT rational.

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Q: Some rational numbers can be irrational numbers?
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Why are some of the cubes rational and irrational?

The cubes of all rational numbers will be rational. But the cubes of irrational numbers can be either.

Are rational numbers is an irrational numbers?

yes * * * * * No. Rational and irrational numbers are two DISJOINT subsets of the real numbers. That is, no rational number is irrational and no irrational is rational.

Can some numbers be rational and irrational?

No. The intersection of the two sets is null. Irrational numbers are defined as real numbers that are NOT rational.

Are there irrational numbers that are not rational?

All irrational numbers are not rational.

Is a real number always irrational?

Real numbers can be rational or irrational because they both form the number line.

What are the solutions of rational algebraic equations?

They can be rational, irrational or complex numbers.They can be rational, irrational or complex numbers.They can be rational, irrational or complex numbers.They can be rational, irrational or complex numbers.

How do you turn an irrational number in to a rational number?

Some irrational numbers can be multiplied by another irrational number to yield a rational number - for example the square root of 2 is irrational but if you multiply it by itself, you get 2 - which is rational. Irrational roots of numbers can yield rational numbers if they are raised to the appropriate power

All rational and irrational numbers are?

All rational and irrational numbers are real numbers.

Are irrational numbers rational numbers?

No. Real numbers are divided into two DISJOINT (non-overlapping) sets: rational numbers and irrational numbers. A rational number cannot be irrational, and an irrational number cannot be rational.

Can irrational numbers be rational numbers?

No. If it was a rational number, then it wouldn't be an irrational number.

What numbers belongs to rational and irrational numbers?

Rational=1.25,1.5,1.75 Irrational= 1.3333333333,1.66666666666,1.999999999

Are real numbers rational numbers?

Some are and some aren't. 62 is real and rational. 1/3 is real and rational. sqrt(2) is real and irrational. (pi) is real and irrational.