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Not true because all quadrilaterals contain 2 triangles

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Q: Some rectangles cannot be split into two triangles?
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Is there a psychological reason why some people cut their sandwiches into triangles instead of rectangles?

No. It is just the person preference.

Can a trapezoid be formed into a square and triangle?

Yes, Some can even be formed into a square and two triangles or a rectangle and one or two triangles. Just drop perpendicular(s) from the vertex (vertices) of the short side to the long side (that is to say, the two sides which are parallel). That will form one or two right triangles and a rectangle of some sort...could be a square--all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.

What shapes contain right angles?

Squares, rectangles, and some triangles, most commonly. Any polygon could have a right angle if it is irregular.

What shape has more than 1 line of symetry?

Squares, circles, rectangles, and some triangles have more than 1 line of symmetry.

Is All quadrilaterals are rectangles?

No, quardrilateral means a shape having four sides, and triangle means a shape having 3 sides so no quardilateral is triangle * * * * * True, but the question had nothing to do with triangles! A kite or a rhombus are quadrilaterals but they are not rectangles. So, although some quadrilaterals are rectangles, not all are.

Are some rectangles similar?

no some rectangles cannot be similar. a rectangle is a shape with 2 = sides and then 2 more different = sides. it is impossible because if 2 rectangles were similar than that would not be a rectangle. similar means having corresponding sides no it is not possible

Are some parallelograms rectangles?

In fact, some are rectangles, but not all are.

Are some quadrilaterals rectangles?

Yes, some quadrilaterals are rectangles.

Are some trapezoids rectangles?

No, trapezoids are never rectangles.

Are all parrellelograms rectangles?

No. Only some parallelograms are rectangles. But all rectangles are parallelograms.

Are there some parallelograms that are rectangles?

All rectangles are parallelograms, so yes there are some.

Are some isosceles triangles equilateral triangles?

Yep. All equilateral triangles are isosceles triangles.

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