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Square meters cannot be converted into linear meters; square meters are units of are and linear meters are units of length.

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Q: Square meter to lineal meter
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How many lineal meters are in a square meter when trying to measure carpet?

Lineal metres = Square metre/Width

If carpet costs 49.50 a square meter how much would a lineal meter cost?

0, because a lineal meter has an area of 0

How do you Convert cost per square meter to cost per lineal meter?

The cost per linear meter is the cost per square meter times by the width of the roll.

How do you convert the cost per lineal meter to the cost per square meter?

You cannot - you need information about the width.

How many lineal meter in a square meter?

A linear metre is a unit of length. A square metre is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

Convert a lineal meter to a meter?

A lineal (more commonly linear) metre is the same as a metre.

Why is lineal more expensive than square meter?

The basic premise of your question is false. A lineal (or linear) metre of household tiles will NOT be more expensive than a square metre - unless they are gigantic tiles!

How long is a lineal meter?

One meter.

How long is a lineal metre?

one meter. lineal refers to length

How do you figure out lineal meter square?

There is no such thing as a linear square metre. A linear metre is a unit of length, while a square metre is a unit of area.

How many meters are in 1 squre meter?

There is no rational answer because you are talking about two completely different things. A meter is a lineal distance measurement. A square meter is an area measurement. If I am driving to the store, I will measure my distance with a lineal measurement, as an example there are 4,358 meters from my house to the store, but there are not (technically) 4,358 square meters unless you drew the line from my house to the store 1 meter wide. 1 square meter has a lineal distance measurement "around" the square of 4 meters. Pick a corner and pretend the square is a fenced in yard. In order to start in one corner and walk all the way around the fence, you will have to walk 4 meters, so you may be able to say that 1 square meter has a "perimeter" of 4 meters.

How many lineal meters in one square meter when measuring decking boards?

The answer will depend on the width of the decking boards.

How big is an lineal meter?

A lineal metre, is the same as a metre and that is a length of 100 centimetres.

How many lineal feet in one lineal meter?

1 metre = 3.2808 feet.

How many lineal meters in a square meter?

You need to know the other dimension or the shape. If it is a square of 1m2,your length is 1 metre because 1m x 1m is 1m2

How many lineal feet in 42 square meters?

14400 lineal feet to square meters

How many feet in a lineal meter?

One meter is about 3.28 feet.

How many cm in a lineal meter?


What is a lineal meter mean?

Lineal simply means along a line, so a linear metre is a metre.

What is the area of Ciudad Lineal?

The area of Ciudad Lineal is 11.43 square kilometers.

How many lineal meters of carpet to cover 1500 square feet?

Lineal metres = Square metre/Width of the carpet.

How do you convert square feet to lineal feet?

you don't. square feet is area, lineal feet is distance.

If a meter cost 4.00 does a lineal meter cost 4.00?

Often yes. Particularly if it is fabric, carpet or other floor covering. But, to be safe, check that the given price is not for a square metre.

How many lineal meters are in a square meter when trying to measure carpet.?

There are 0.273 lineal metres is a carpet with a standard width of 3.66 metres (from the only imperical measure of 12 feet). The calulation is 0.273 (length) x 3.66 (standard width) = 0.99918 square metres. If you purchased 1 lineal metre of standard carpet you would have 3.66 square metres of carpet. Lineal refers to the length of any item irrespective of it's width and is normally used when the item is produced in standard width's.

How do you calculate square meters into lineal meters using 140 mm wide boards?

Lineal metres = Square metre/Width = Square metres/0.14