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The value of x gives the answer. For integral values of x, 223=8,388,608 and 224=16,777,216 so x=24

24 times.

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Q: Starting from 1 how many times would you have to double so that the doubled number is over ten million?
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What was her starting number if Jan doubled her starting number added 5 subtracted 7 divided by 3 then squared the result?

Working from the information provided in the question, it could be any number at all.

Which number's double exceeds its half by one?

1 - doubled = 2, which is one more than its half.

What would happen to the mean of a data set if you doubled every number in it?

The Value of the Mean will Double as well.

When a number is doubled it is always even why?

When you double any number you are in-fact multiplying it by 2 which is an even number. All even numbers are multiples of 2. When a number is doubled, it is multiplied by 2 and so the result is always a multiple of 2. Thus it must always be an even number.

Which element has the atomic number which is double the atomic number of magnesium?

The atomic number for Magnesium is 12 doubled is 24 24 is the atomic number for Chromium aka Cr

What is 32 doubled?

Double 32 is 64 because there is a other way of doing it by x 2 by that number.

What happens to the volume of gas when you double the number of moles of gas while keeping the temperature the same?

The volume is doubled.

What does a number doubled mean?

The clue is the word 'doubled' . It means multiply the given number by '2' Hence 34 doubled = 34 x 2 = 68 Similarly ' The word 'tripled' means multiply by '3' Hence 24 x 3 = 72

What is an algebrain expression a number doubled by 2?

Assuming that the phrase "doubled by 2" is tautological, the expression for a number multiplied by 2 (or a number doubled) is 2n.

How does the total number change when the number is doubled?

If the number is doubles its total is doubled since its total is itself!

What is one third of an unknown number doubled?

one third of an unknown number doubled is...

Can you double a 4 by 6 diameter?

Your question is confused. A diameter is expressed by only one number, it is not a rectangle. And any number can be doubled. Multiplication by 2 is very simple.