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Q: Strategically applying curvy lines over each other to achieve value.?
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How many types of lines?

2, straight and curvy...

How do you draw a rope?

Just draw a line... not a straight line, but a curvy one... Some people would draw two parallel curvy lines, with equally-spaced diagonal lines between, to represent the 'twist' of the rope.

Do two lines in the same plane always intersect in 1 point?

Not necessarily, as two lines can exist in one plane, but they don't always touch each other. An example would be parallel lines, where the lines are parallel to each other. Lines are also not necessarily straight all the time as it can be curvy too, wherein that a straight line or another curvy line that "does" touch the first curvy line could possibly intersect at more than one point.

What are the five lines in art?

the five major lines used in art are vertical( | ), diagonal ( / ), horizontal( -- ) curvy( @ ), and zig zag( vvvv )

How do you draw a mountain?

You draw an A without the middle, then you make curvy lines at the top for snow. ~Sophia?

What are geometric triangles?

a shape or figure with no bent or curvy lines only striaght lines and has three sides which the sum of the angles must equal 180 degress

How do you solve the x in a box puzzle Where you have to make it look like there is an x in a box and you have to make that without lifting your pencil or going over previous lines. No curvy lines.?

I think it is impossible

How does the painting morning coffee reflect rococo style and ideals?

It reflects it by showing linear perspective, realism, soft colors, curvy lines and a scene of love.

Why was Maryland strategically important?

Because it had vital railroad lines passed through Maryland. Most signifiicantly, washington,DC, lays within the state

Difference between contour plowing and conservation plowing?

Contour Plowing is when you plow, like, a garden for example, but instead of plowing in straight lines, you go in curvy lines (you know what I mean, right?) Conservation Plowing, however, is like the normal plowing way. Straight lines, blablabla.

Which brand has green 3 bars in their logo?

Might "Spotify" be the answer? They're more arcs than bars, but there are three of them and they are green.

What is a line in art?

The different types of lines are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and curvy. However, crosshatching can be used to create shadow. Drawings that depict movement but drawn with lines are called gesture drawings, and lines used to follow the edges of forms are called contour drawings.