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(1234)hex=(0001 0010 0011 0100)2

(DA57)hex=(1101 1010 0101 0111)2


(1234)hex=(0001 0010 0011 0100)2

=(1110 1101 1100 1011) -1s complement

=(1110 1101 1100 1100) -2s complement

Now ,add 2s complement of (1234)hex with (DA57)hex, we get

1110 1101 1100 1100

+ 1101 1010 0101 0111

1 1100 1000 0010 0011

There is a Carry bit

Since,carry is,no is negative

Then take 2s complement of above no.Thus ,we get

0011 0111 1101 1101=(37DD)hex

(1234)hex -(DA57)hex =37DD)hex

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Q: Subtract the hexadecimal number 1234 from DA57 using twos complement addition method?
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First, write each number in binary form:DAB7 = 1101 1010 1011 01115634 = 0101 0110 0011 0100Now take the two's complement of 5634 in two steps:1's complement: 1010 1001 1100 1011Add 1 to make the 2's complement: 1010 1001 1100 1100Now add to find your result:1101 1010 1011 0111 + 1010 1001 1100 1100 = 1000 0100 1000 0011And write the result in hex:8483This works because the two's complement is the negative of the original number.

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How to subtract the hexadecimal number 1245 from D257 using two's complement addition method?

You take 1245 and form the two's complement of it then add it to D257. The two's complement of a number is defined as the 1's complement + 1. In signed two's complement arithmetic, the most significant bit is the "sign" bit. 1 indicates a negative number and 0 indicates a positive number. To find the magnitude of a negative number, take it's two's complement (ignoring carry bits). To get the two's complement of 1245, take the 1's complement of 1245 and add 1. In binary 1245 is 0001001001000101. The one's complement is 1110110110111010 (in hex that's EDBA) . Adding 1 to this will give you the two's complement. That is EDBA+0001 (ignore the carry if any), is EDBB. Now you add EDBB to D257 and ignore any carry, so that will be 1C012 (throw away the carry bit), C012. C012 is a negative number (the sign bit, the most significant bit, is 1). To find its magnitude, apply the two's complement algorithm above, and you'll find it to be -16365. Note: D257 is a negative number, and you're subracting a positive number, so you're going to end up with another negative number, i.e. adding the two's complement of a number is the same thing as subtracting the number. You can check your result by doing the math in decimal to see if it adds up. D257 in decimal = -11688 (you apply the two's complement to the number to find the magnitude, and the sign is negative because the sign bit, the most signficant bit is 1). 1245 in decimal = 4677. -11688-4677 = -16365 (which in hex signed two's complement is C012).

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Use of subtraction in 2's complement method has the advantage of simplicity!! just as logarithms are used to make difficult divisions into easy multiplications....2's complement method makes difficult subtractions into easy additions!! that's it!!