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The answer to a subtraction problem is called the difference.

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Q: Subtraction answer name
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What is the name of the subtraction sign?

the subtraction sign

What is the name of the answer for subtraction?


How do you spell subtraction?

If you mean "spell" as meaning "to name or write letters of any word," then it's Subtraction.

What is the name of number leftover following subtraction?

the difference

What is the name for the answer in a subtraction problem?

The number of the sub you do first

What is the name of minus sign in math?

A subtraction sign.

The answer we get after subtraction is called?

The answer we get after subtraction is called

What is the best name for subtraction and addition?

Mathematical processes or operations

What is the name of the bottom number in a subtraction problem called?


Name each part of the subtraction problem?


What is the mathematical name for the result of addition?

addition- sum subtraction- difference

What does difference means in math?

That's the name given to the result of a subtraction.

What is the name of the bigger number in the subtraction?

There is no specific name. You can have 8 - 5 = 3 or 5 - 8 = -3

Who invented subtraction?

who invented subtraction?

Algorithm for subtraction of two numbers?

read the value A,b store the result of subtraction of a,b in continer subtraction display subtraction

What is the math name of plus sign?

+ : Addition x : Multiplication - : Subtraction / : Divide

The answer to subtraction is?

you calll the answer to a subtraction problem a difference

What operations is the inverse operation of subtraction?

Inverse means opposite. What undoes subtraction? Addition undoes subtraction!

What is the name of the group of addition multiplication subtraction and division?

These are collectively known as arithmetic operations.

Who discovered addition or subtraction?

who discovered addition and subtraction.

What are are otherterms in subtraction?

Subtraction is getting away things

What is the answer of a subtraction question?

The answer to a subtraction problem is called the difference

What part of speech is the word subtraction?

Subtraction is a noun.

What is the answer to subtraction answer called?

The result of a mathematical subtraction is the difference.

What do you call the answer to subtraction problem?

The answer in a subtraction problem is difference.