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The numbers are zero and 5.

Their product is zero.

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Q: Sum of two numbers is 5 and their difference is also 5what is the product of two numbers?
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If the difference of two positive numbers is 1 the product of these same two number is also 1 What is the difference of the cubes of these two numbers?

The difference of their cubes is 4.

Is the sum in adding or subtracting?

when you add numbers, you get a sum. when you subtract numbers, you get a difference. (also in multiplication it's product, and in division is quotient.)

What is the difference between two numbers is 10 If the numbers are doubled what is What is the difference between them?

the difference is also doubled

What are the product of two rational numbers?

The product will also be a rational number

What is a conjecture about the product of 2 odd numbers?

Their product will also be an odd number.

The product of two numbers that are less than zero is also less than zero.?

No. The product of two negative numbers is positive.

What are two product of rational numbers?

Another rational number.

Why is the product of two prime numbers also prime?

It's not.

What is it called when the product of a pair of numbers is the LCM also?

The numbers are relatively prime, or co-prime.

What is the sum of 2 numbers is 4 and their product is-32 Find the numbers?

If their product is -32, that means that one number is negative. we also know that the sum of the numbers is 4 so one number must be at least 4. lets list out the factors of 32-- 1;32--2;16--4;8 the difference of one of them must be 4 so... 8 and -4 are your numbers. hope it helped!

Is the product of two composite numbers also a composite number?

Yes, of course. In fact the product of any two numbers is composite unless one of them is 1.

A term can also be a product or quotient of numbers and variables numerators?