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0.4330 times the length of a side (in square units of length)

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Q: Surface area of an equilateral triangle?
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FORMULA- area of equilateral triangle?

Area of Equilateral Triangle A= S2 * (Root 3)/4, where A= Area of the triangle S= Side of the triangle.

How do you calculate the surface area of an equalaterial trinuglar based prism?

To calculate the surface area of the equilateral triangular-based prism, you need to calculate the area of the equilateral triangle and all the other sides of the prism. The total area of all the phases will give the total surface are of an equilateral triangular based prism.

What is the voume of equilateral triangle?

A triangle has area, not volume.

An equilateral triangle and a square have equal perimeters what is the ratio of the area of the triangle to the area of the square?

If an equilateral triangle and a square have equal perimeters, then the ratio of the area of the triangle to the area of the square is 1:3.

How many surfaces does an equalateral triangle?

An equilateral triangle has one surface.

What is the perimeter and area of an equilateral triangle with a side of 8?

Perimeter of equilateral triangle: 24 units Area of equilateral triangle: 27.713 square units rounded to three decimal places

What is area of triangle when height is 50cm and triangle is an equilateral?

Area = 1443.376 cm2

What is the formula for surface area of prism?

Assuming the cross-section is an equilateral triangle with sides of 'a' and the length is 'b' the surface area will be 3ab + SQRT(3).a2

An equilateral triangle has an area of What is the height?


What is area of equilateral triangle?


Area of a equilateral triangle?

Area = 0.5*base*altitude

Area of different shapes of equilateral triangle?

There is only one basic shape for an equilateral triangle. The area can only vary as the length of the sides vary.

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