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Q: Tell one way a rectangular prism and a pyramid are the same?
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Tell one way a rectangular prism and a pyramid are different?

A rectangular prism has the same cross section throughout its length, a pyramid doesn't however

Tell one way a retrangular ans a pyramid are the same?

in a rectangular prism

Which shape would require more paint a rectangular pyramid or a rectangular prism?

If they have the same height, then the rectangular prism will require more paint. (Having the same height the prism will have more surface area than the pyramid).

Are rectangular and triangular prisms pentagonal prisms?

A rectangular prism is like a chalkboard eraser. A triangular prism is a pyramid. A pentagonal prism is a three dimensional home plate. None of them are the same.

What geometric figure has the same number of faces as a cube?

A rectangular prism, pentagonal pyramid

Which has more surface area a rectangular prisms or rectangular pyramid?

For the same base dimensions (base area) and the same height, the rectangular prism has more surface area.

How is a cube and rectangular prism the same?

A cube is a special case of a rectangular prism. If each edge of a rectangular prism were of the same measure, then it would be a cube.

Why does a cube have the same number of faces edges and vertices as a rectangular prism?

can you tell me the answers

How is the rectangular prism and the rectangular prism alike?

they are the same shape, so they will be alike.

Is a cuboid same as a rectangular prism?

Yes. A cuboid is also a rectangular prism

How is a rectangular prism and pyramid the same?

They are both solids with a four vertex base.

Is a square prism and a rectangular prism the same?