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A rectangular prism is like a chalkboard eraser. A triangular prism is a pyramid. A pentagonal prism is a three dimensional home plate. None of them are the same.

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Q: Are rectangular and triangular prisms pentagonal prisms?
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What are the four types of prisms?

There are Rectangular, Triangular, Pentagonal, and Square Prisms.

What kinds of prisms are there?

There's the rectangular prism, the triangular prism, hexagonal prism, pentagonal prism, the cube, and the octagonal prism.

How many triangular and rectangular faces does a pentagonal have?

A pentagonal pyramid has 5 triangular faces and 0 rectangular faces.

What shapes does a triangular prism have that a rectangular does not have?

Triangular prisms have triangles and rectangles. A rectangular prism has squares and rectangles.

What are some prisms?

Prisms are objects that divide the colours of the rainbow. Some prisms are Triangular, Rectangular and etc.

Why Are so Many Products Packed In Rectangular Prisms?

This is because there is no limit on rectangualar prisms and most boxes can hold cube or rectangular prisms not triangular pyrimids or prisms or hexagonal prisms.

How many triangular pentagonal and rectangular faces does a rectangular prism have?

0, 0 and 6.

What are the differences of rectangular prisms and square pyramids?

One difference is square pyramids have 4 triangular faces while rectangular prisms have none!

What are solid figures with triangular bases and rectangular faces?

Those figures are called triangular prisms.

What is the relationship between a triangular prism and a rectangular prism?

They are both prisms.

Which shape has 2 more faces than a triangular prism?

A triangular prism has 5 faces. Pentagonal prisms and hexagonal pyramids have 7.

What are the polygons that form a polyhedron?

Any. You can have a triangular pyramid (tetrahedron), a rectangular one, a pentagonal one, and so on. Similarly, you can have a triangular prism, a rectangular prism, and so on.