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so 180 divided by 99 equals 0.55 then 0.55*100=55 as a percentage %55

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Q: The price of an item has dropped to $99 today. Yesterday it was $180. Find the percentage decrease?
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The price of a notebook has dropped to 3.30 today Yesterday's price was 3.55 What is the percentage decrease?

7.0423% decrease.

If a price of a cup of coffee has dropped to 2.40 today Yesterday's price was 2.75 What is the percentage decrease?

The price dropped 12.7%

The price of a technology stock was 9.58 yesterday Today the price fell to 9.51 Find the percentage decrease Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent?

The price of a technology stock was yesterday. Today, the price fell to . Find the percentage decrease. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.

The price of a TI-83 calculator dropped from 120 to 89. What is the percent of decrease?

It works out as a 25.83% decrease

How do you calculate the selling price if you know the cost price and margin percentage?

Convert the margin percentage increase (decrease) to the absolute increase (decrease). Add (subtract) to (from) the selling price.

If the price of petrol decrease from R3.49 to R3.43 per liter what is the percentage decrease?


In 1995 the price of a laser printer was 1299 in 2002 the price of the same type of printer had dropped to 499 find the percent of decrease?


The price of a cup of coffee has risen to 2.55 today Yesterday's price was 2.40 Find the percentage increase Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent?


If absolute value of price elasticity is greater than 1 then why would an increase in price would lead to a decrease in revenue and a decrease in price will have the opposite effect?

Elasticity is defined as the percentage change in quantity for a given percentage change in price. If price goes up by 1% and quantity goes down by 2%, less revenue is generated, since (1.01*P)* (0.98*Q) < P*Q.

How do you work out percentage depreciation?

the new number divided by the old nuumber e.g If the new price is : £56 and the original price : £80 the percentage depreciation is: 56 / 80 = 0.7 ( the percentage decrease)

How do you calculate a percentage change from one number to another?

Percentage change between two numbers A & B can be calculated as: (B-A)/A * 100 For example, if a stock price increases in value from $123 to $145 the percentage increase is: (145-123)/123 * 100 = 17.9% Alternatively, if a stock price decreases in value from $145 to $123 the percentage decrease is: (123-145)/145 * 100 = 15.2% The technically correct answer to the scenario of $145 stock dropping to $123 is a -15.2% change in price. The original answer is semantically correct because the user calls out percentage "decrease", but you cannot have a drop in value and a positive % change outcome.

What is percentage increase or decrease?

It is the increase or decrease in some amount, expressed as a percentage of the original amount. For example, if the price of something goes from 25 to 30 then the original amount was 25 and the increase was 30-25 = 5. So the percentage increase is 5 as a percentage of 25 which is 100*(5/25) = 20%

A decrease in demand will have what effect on equilibrium price and quantity?

There will be a decrease in price and quantity.

What is the price elasticity of the construction industry?

There's no way to answer this question as it's posed.Do you mean the price elasticity of DEMAND for new construction, which says how much (in percentage terms) more construction will be demanded for a 1% decrease in price?Or the price elasticity of SUPPLY, which says how much (in percentage terms) more construction will be supplied for a 1% increase in price?

In which situation with the price of a good be most likely to decrease?

The price of a good can decrease if supply is greater than demand. The price can also decrease if that item has been superseded by a newer version.

A coat was reduced by 56 from the original price of 280 what is the percent of decrease?

This is a 20% decrease in price.

Will the gold price increase or decrease in futre in Pakistan?

I do not think that the Gold Price will decrease in future

The price of an Allen wrench was reduced from 31 cents to 28 cents The percent of decrease is approximately?

The reduction is 31c to 28c, so the decrease is 3c. Then divide 3c by 31c and multiply by 100 to get the decrease percentage. 3/31 * 100 = 9.7% to 1 decimal place

How do you the original price?

The answer depends on what information you do have. If you have the price AFTER the change, and a multiplier based on the percentage change, then original price = final price/multiplier. For a change of x%, the multiplier is (1+x/100). In the case of a % decrease, x is negative.

What was MOPS Singapore price for ADO yesterday?

d2 singapore price

What are tickers?

A stock ticker is any type of listing of stocks that includes the abbreviation of the stock or company, the percentage increase or decrease, as well as the going price for the stock.

If both aggregate output and the aggregate price level increase what will happen?

a decrease in need which will in turn surplus the output and decrease the price level. then output will decrease.

If a company raises its price for holidays over the equilibrium price the demand will decrease the supply?

decrease and the supply will increase.

A decrease in supply will cause an?

increase in equilibrium price and a decrease in equilibrium quantity, which leads to a shortage at the original price.

What is normally motivated by a desire to decrease the market price of common stock?

d) Residual Payout policy is the means to decrease the market price of a stock as it is a cash equivalent of Bonus Shares. As on issuance of Bonus Shares the stock price will decrease proportionately so too with Residual Payout in cash the stock price will decrease.