The result of subtracting two numbers is known as?

Updated: 4/21/2022
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The result of subtracting two numbers is known as difference the quotient

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the difference

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Q: The result of subtracting two numbers is known as?
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What is the opposite of sum in math?

Difference. A sum is the result of adding two numbers, and a difference is the result of subtracting two numbers.

What do you call the result of subtracting two numbers together?

You'd call it a difference.

When adding two numbers you get a sum but when subtracting two numbers what do you get?

a difference

What is the values between two particular numbers?

we can determine that by subtracting the two numbers

What is the answer called when you are subtracting two numbers?

the difference

When you subtraction tow numbers?

Subtracting two numbers is finding their difference.

What is the greatest result of subtracting two consecutive primes so far?

The two largest known prime numbers are 257,885,161-1 and 243,112,609-1.(257,885,161-1) - (243,112,609-1) = 257,885,161 -243,112,609Since the larger of these two numbers has over 4 million moredigitsthan the smaller, the result will be minutely smaller than the first number itself, so the difference could be estimated at257,885,161.

When we subtract two numbers the answer obtained is known as?

The MATHEMATICAL TERM for the result in subtraction is known as the DIFFERENCE.

What is similar to subtracting two positive integers?

Subtracting two positive fractional numbers, or adding one positive and one negative integer.

Does the word delta mean the same thing as difference when subtracting two numbers?

"Delta" is often used to mean "the difference" between two numbers, and that is the same as subtracting. When you subtract, the answer is called the "difference."

What is -7 x -5 plus -10?

The answer 25. Multiplying two negative numbers results in a positive answer. Adding a negative number to that result is the same as subtracting a positive.

Is quotient subtracting or adding?

Quotient is the number you get when dividing two numbers.