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All you need to do to answer this question is divide 11,150ml by 5, which gives you the average volume for each bucket. Just remember that this is an approximate, and doesn't necessarily mean that the buckets each have this amount of water in them (the total can be spread out differently).

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Q: The total volume of 5 buckets of water is 11 150 ml. What is the average volume?
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If Jim has 1 bucket with 2 gallons of water and another bucket with 5 gallons of water how many buckets does Jim have?

Jim has a total of 2 buckets.In the 2 buckets, there is a total of 7 gallons of water.

How many buckets are in a gallon?

There is about four gallons of water in an average bucket of water.

What is the approximate total water volume of all of the oceans?

The total volume of the oceans is 1.3 billion cubic kilometers. The oceans have an average depth of 3682 meters.

What is a water wheel with buckets called?

A water wheel with buckets is called a noria

What happens when you tie buckets of water to a rope and spin them?

the buckets will rotate. it is also likely that the rope will break, the buckets will fall, and the water will spill, mainly depending on the strength of the rope and size of the water-filled buckets

How does volume change when added water?

Adding water to another solution is an increase of the total volume.

Does the volume of water increase when you add a solid?

The water level of the container will rise, and the total volume increases. But the volume of the water itself remains the same.

Why is the total volume of water in the water cycle constant?

Volume of water is maintained in atmosphere. The amount of water precipitated is same as evaporated.

What is the volume of total water on earth?


How do you measure sliced zucchini by the cup?

By utilizing the water displacement method = volume of water + sliced zucchini = gross volume. Gross volume - utilized water = total volume sliced zucchini

What is the total volume of earths water?


What is the volume of 100g of sugar dissolved in 100g of water?

100 grams of sugar has a volume of 62.9 milliliters. 100 grams of water has a volume of 100 milliliters. The total volume is 162.9 milliliters.

Does a bucket hold 10 liters of water?

Yes. Obviously buckets come in different sizes, but 10 liters is a good approximation or average.

How did egyptians get their water from the nile to their houses?


How do you move water?

Pumps, buckets, tanks.

Which weighs more bucket of apples or bucket of water?

The answer to this question depends on the density of the two given substances. For the same volume a more dense substance will have more mass and will weigh more. Here, if we take buckets of same volume in both cases then the water bucket will be heavier as water is more dense than apples. Also water occupies the entire volume of the bucket while apples cant use up the entire volume of the bucket as they have fixed shape and spaces remain between them. If two buckets of different volumes are taken then easiest process would be to actually weigh the buckets to find the heavier one. Here, apples considered are the ones grown on apple plants and eaten. For any other substance cast in of shape of apples it's density has to be considered.

What is the total volume of salt water on earth?

685,767,231 mi3

How do the incas water their fields?

water their feilds by carring buckets full of water to the fields

When you step into a very full bath or hot tub sometimes the water overflows. But when you step into a lake and swim you don't notice the level of the water rise at all. Explain why this is.?

Archimedes principle states that the volume water displaced is equal to your weight; for a small total volume of water it will overflow; but in a lake where the total volume is huge the volume displaced by your weight is spread out over such a large volume you cannot notice the change

What is the total volume of sea water on earth in cubic miles?


What is the total volume of water on earth?

The total volume of water on earth is 1.3 billion cubic kilometers. This is equal to 310 million cubic weight of water on earth is 1.4x1021kg.1 kg is approx equal to 1L of water,so approx 1.4x1021L of water.

How to Fix pool total dissolved solids?

Drain and refill all or a portion of the total volume of water.

Audi 2003 A4 when you open rear doors water comes out at bottom after rain what do you do to stop this?

you get a million buckets and then once you have them buckets you hav emany many water ove the years

What is the approximate total water volume of all the oceans?

The approximate total water volume of all the oceans is 321,000,000 cubic miles. This is not exact due to the fact that the ocean floor has mountains and other terrain that are not fully mapped out.

How much water can you give a peach tree?

give it 3/4 buckets of water.