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5 or 10

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Q: The GCF of two numbers is 5 The greater number is 15 what could the other number be?
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Can LCM greater of the two numbers if one number is a factor of the other?

Yes. If one number is a factor of the other, the greater number will be the LCM of the two.

The ratio of two numbers is 5 to 4 The sum of the numbers is 99 what number is the greater of the two numbers?

55 (the other number is 44).

What is the LCM of 2 numbers when one is a multiple of the other?

The greater number.

What number is greater than 0?

any other positive numbers

What number is not greater than 64?

I don't know how to "grate" a number ... numbers are not cheese. An infinite number of numbers are "greater" (larger) than 64. Likewise, an infinite number of numbers are not "greater" (in other words, less than) 64, starting with 63, 62, 61, ... Actually, there are an infinite numbers that are less than 64, but greater than 63, unless you specify "whole numbers".

Do irrational numbers contain fewer numbers?

No, the set of irrational numbers has a cardinality that is greater than that for rational numbers. In other words, the number of irrational numbers is of a greater order of infinity than rational numbers.

LCM of two numbers if one number is a multiple of the other?

the greater of the two.

What is The least common multiple of 2 numbers if one number is a multiple of the other?

The LCM is the greater number.

What are the numbers as sum of 2 prime numbers?

The sum of two prime numbers greater than 2 is an even number. The sum of 2 and any other prime number is an odd number.

Why are multiple numbers not prime numbers?

A prime number has only two factors, one and the number itself. Numbers that are multiples of other numbers greater than one have more than two.

Which is a prime number given in this goup 3 4 6 8?

3 is a prime number. The other numbers are even numbers greater than 2, so they are composite numbers, not prime numbers.

What sign is it if you have two numbers together?

It depends on what two numbers you have together and what mathematical operation you are applying and much greater one number is that the other number and if those numbers are positive or negative.