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Plane geometry.

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Q: The Pythagorean theorem belongs to which science field?
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Why was Pythagoras' important in the field of math?

Pythagoras's work was important in the field of math because he invented the pythagorean theorem, which explained square units in a triangle.

How does pythagorean theorem relate in your daily life?

Sometimes when turning a corner you have walk through 90 degrees or crossing a rectangular field you'd take the shortest distance across it which is its hypotenuse.

What is an illustration of Pythagorean theorem?

The simplest example of the Pythagorean Theorem is a right angled triangle with legs of lengths 3 and 4. The theorem says that the hypotenuse (c) is found with the formula c2 = a2 + b2. (a and b are the lengths of the other two sides) <> c2 = 32+42 = 9+16 = 25. If c2 =25, then c=5. <> This is called a "3-4-5" triangle, and was supposedly used in ancient Egypt to remark field boundaries after they had been floode by the Nile River, and covered in mud.

What is the name of the field of science?

which field of science?

Computer use in the field of science?

versatility of computers in the field of science

Nilkranti is belongs to which field?


What field of science?

earth science

What field of science did granville t woods study?

Engineering is his field of science

What field of work where pythgorean theorem would it be used today?

structural engineering

Which of these is not a social science?

The field of physical science is not a social science

How far is 2nd base to home plate using 70 foot bases?

This is a match problem which is easily solved with the match formula of a2 + b2 = c2. 65 ft2 + 65 ft2 = 8450 ft2 The square root of 8450 ft2 is 91.92 ft So, 2nd base is 92.92 ft from the back of home plate on a field with 65 ft bases paths.

Does social science is field of science?

social science? it depends on what your talking about. To some it's social studies. If i am sure, i think you mean foresinc science, which is a field of science.