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Q: The area of a circleis 78.5cm2 What is the cicumference of the cicle?
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Area of a cicle?

Do you mean circle? The area of a circle is pi times the radius2.

Find area of a cicle if the diameter is 8.4 cm.?

12.5 km

What is the perimeter and area of a circle with diameter equal to 5cm?

cicumference = pi*5 cm area = pi*2.52 square cm

How many sq in in 12 in cicle?

Area of a circle = pi*radius squared

How do you calculate a cicle's area?

Assuming you know the radius - the formula is Pi x Radius2

Cicumference of a four foot circle?

I'm sorry the question isn't clear enough. A four foot diameter? radius? area?

What is the solution of getting the answer of the cicumference and area of a circle whose diameter is 30in?

Circumference = pi*30 = 94.248 inches rounded to 3 decimal places Area = pi*152 = 706.858 square inches to 3 decimal places

Find Circumference of a circle if the area is 400π m2?

pi*r2 = 400*pi Therefore radius = 20 meters Cicumference = 2*pi* radius = 40*pi meters

How do you find the cicumference of a circle whichout knowing its area radius or diameter?

Given is a circle. Not known is its area A. Not known is its radius r. Not known is its diameter d. You want to calculate its circumference C. Impossible. It cannot be calculated. The only other way is to measure it with a tape measure.

What is the square footage in a 10 foot round pool?

If the cicumference is 10 feet:- Then radius = 10/(2*pi) = 1.591549431 feet Area = pi*1.5915494312 = 7.957747155 or 7.958 square feet rounded to 3 decimal places

How do you change square feet into a diameter of a cicle?

To find the diameter of a circle given the area. The area of a circle = pi x the radius squared. To find the radius, then the diameter transpose the area formula, so A = Π * r^2 A/ Π = r^2 √A/ Π= r 2 x √A/ Π = d A = area Π = pi = 3.142 r = radius d = diameter

Where is the oil filter located on a 1992 Chevy Lumina 4 cylinder?

it is located on the underside of the oil pan. there is a circle with a large bolt in it.There is the the filter.Clean the area around this cicle and it should have engraved writing indicating the filter is inside the oil pan.