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Given is a circle. Not known is its area A. Not known is its radius r. Not known is its diameter d. You want to calculate its circumference C. Impossible. It cannot be calculated. The only other way is to measure it with a tape measure.

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Q: How do you find the cicumference of a circle whichout knowing its area radius or diameter?
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What is a straight line called that joins the cicumference of a circle?

Diameter Diameter radius

What is the relationship between a circumference of a circle and the diameter of a circle?

diameter times pi(3.14159) equals cicumference

What is the raduis of a circle if the cicumference is 100?

Divide the diameter by 2.

What is the cicumference of a 20 yard circle?

If 20 is the diameter, the circumference is 62.8 yards.

Does a cicumference radius or diameter divide a circle into two halves?

diameter. a radius doesn't even run through a circle. a circumference is the line that surrounds the circle.

What is the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 18 units?

Cicumference = π*d = 56.55 units

How does pi relate to the circumference and diameter of a cirle?

The cicumference of any circle divided by its diameter is aways equal to pi.

What is the diameter of a circle with a cicumference of 32 inches?

circumference = π x diameter ⇒ diameter = circumference ÷ π = 32 in ÷ π ≈ 10.19 in

What is a Chords in circles?

They are straight lines within a circle that meets the cicumference at 2 points and the circle's diameter is its largest chord

What is the circumference of the circle i that has a diameter is 20 feet?

circumference of a circle = pi*diameter or 2*pi*radius cicumference = 62.83185307 or 63 feet to the nearest foot

How do you find the cicumference of a circle?

pi=3.14 it is really long # but we shorten is to 3.14. 3.14 times the diameter

What is the cicumference of a circle whose diameter is 2 if pit is 3.14?

Circumference of circle when pi is 3.14: 2 times 3.14 = 6.28 units

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