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Provided the area is the top or bottom surface, the volume is 3 sq ft*3 ft = 9 cubic feet.

If the area is for any other side, the volume cannot be determined (since the height is already included in calculating that particular area).

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Q: The area of one side of the box is three square feet and the height is three feetwhat is the volume?
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What is the volume of the square based pyramid with the same side length and height?

1/3 s^3 The volume of a cube divided by three.

What is the volume of 42cm squared?

A volume is really three dimensional in cubic centimeters. 42 cm squared is 1754 square centimeters. You need the height to calculate a volume.

What is the volume of a square prism whose base is four inches on a side and whose height is three inches?


What is the process for finding the volume of a rectangular or square object?

-- measure the length, width, and height of the object -- multiply the three numbers together -- the answer is the volume of the object

What is the volume of a square with the length of 6.2 inches the width of 4.8 inches and the height of 5.1 inches?

I don't think you mean the volume of a square. Perhaps the volume of a prism? For prisms, Volume = Length * Width * Height, so just multiply all three numbers together. And don't forget your units: inches ^3

How do you find the height of a box when the area of the base of the box is 32 square centimetres and the volume of the box is 96 cubic centimetres?

The volume is the base times the height so if you know the mase and the volume youdivide the volume by the base area and get the height.96 / 32 = 3The box is three centimeters high.

How can you calculate the volume of a cone?

A person can calculate the volume of a cone by multiplying the height by pi and by the square of the radius of the cone, and then dividing the result of the previous operations by three.

How do you find the volume for a square prism?

Multiply the length times width times height. The three different edges, basically

Why does length width and height equal volume?

A square has width and height. Width is the horizontal line, height is the vertical line. This is a two-dimensional object and has an area.A cube is a square with one more dimension, length, which makes it a three dimensional object. As a three-dimensional object, it no longer has an area, but now has volume.To find the area of a cube (a three-dimensional object), one must multiply three dimensions (length, width, and height) to obtain the volume of the cube.

A square pyramid has a height of 18cm and base that measures 12cm on each side explain whether tripling the height would triple the volume of the pyramid?

Yes, the volume triples. When you have a height of 18, the volume will equal 864. (Volume of a pyramid is the area of the base x the height x 1/3)18*3=54. When you plug this in to the above listed formula, the volume will be 2592. Divide that by three and you get 864.

What are Square and cubic measurements?

Square meters show that there is a flat area. We calculate the area by length times width. This is two-dimensional. Cubic meters show that there is a volume. We calculate the volume by length times width times height. That is three-dimensional.

How many dimensions does volume have?

Volume has three dimensions - width, height and depth.