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If three of the four numbers are 79, 80, and 65, and the average is 85, then the final number will equal (85 x 4) - 79 - 80 - 65 = 116.

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Q: The average of 4 numbers is 85 in the numbers 79 80 and 65 what number would come next?
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How do find the median if there are an even number of entries?

If you have to find a median in a set of numbers in which there are an even number of entries, you must find the average of the two numbers the come in the middle.

What comes after 4.99 on a number line?

Numbers are infinitely dense so there is no number that can be said to be after 4.99: whatever that number is, the average of 4.99 and that number will always come between the two.In terms of the marking on the number line, the answer depends on the graduation scale. Most likely, it is 5.00, but it could be 4.991, 4.9901 etc.

Are negative numbers real numbers?

Yes, any positive or negative number is a real number, including 0. Non real (or imaginary) numbers are the ones that have an "i" or "j" such as j1.5 or 1.5i The imaginary numbers come from expressions like sqrt(-1), its impossible to come up with a real answer so the imaginary one would be 1i or i

Where does the number 2 come from when calculating the average of 766 and 878?

You are calculating the average of TWO numbers: 766+878 = 1,644 now divide 1,644 by 2 = 822.

What is the purpose of finding the mean?

Mean, in simple terms, is average that we learn before things like median and mode come about. Mean is just to find the number which can be used to substitute all the numbers into that one number for the same sum. For example, the mean of 0,0,3 is 1 (0+0+3=1+1+1). Rather than listening to a whole list of data, giving single numbers would save more time. After all, with the mean, you would be able to estimate the numbers. However, there is also standard deviation (for finding spread of numbers) that would be essential for the results.

Where does the phrase strength comes in numbers come from?

strength come in number

Where did the numbers orginate come from?

the number magician......................... not

What numbers come between 7.05 and 7.195?

There are an infinite number of different numbers in that range.But there's only one single number that's exactly in the middle, dead-center, halfwaybetween them. It's called the "average" of 7.05 and 7.195 . That number is 7.1225 .

Is -0.7repeating rational?

Yes. Its rational because you know what number is going to come next. If the numbers were in a random order it would be irrational.

Where did the word 'MEAN' in math come from?

It is defined as the average of a group of numbers. See the related link for more information.The mean in math is the average of a group of certain numbers.

The median of a set of numbers?

a median is the number in the middle of the set. if you come down to 2 numbers, find the number in between those two.

What is the list of numbers on the new movie knowing?

They are numbers of upcoming disasters. Such as 9/11. The number would come out like this: 91101 then the number of people killed (2996), in the middle of the movie, he finds out the last numbers are the latitudes and longitude (40.71 74.01, as seen the the film), or the place it happens. Altogether it would look like: 91101299640717401...and so on as seen in the movie.

What is average speed?

It is distance traveled over time.Speed may vary on a trip, so those numbers are averaged to come up with average speed.To find an average, take all numbers, add them, then divide by the number of inputs.Example- 2, 3, 7, 4-add together-16Divide by inputs or no of numbers-4Answer-4 which is the AVERAGE

Why can't a composite number have more than one prime factorization?

What would it be? The prime factorization of 30 is 2 x 3 x 5. If you added any numbers, or changed them, you would come up with a different number.

What number come between the numbers 2.3 2.4?


Does -0.7 come before 9.59?

Yes. A negative number will always come before a positive number. It may help if you draw a line a mark zero int the center of the line. Then, mark where each of these numbers would go on the line. -0.7 would go to the left of zero and 9.59 would go to the right of zero.

Do negatives numbers come before positive numbers?

On the number line they do.

How do you come up with an average?

you add up all the numbers you want the average of (for ex: 3,5,2,12, 15) and then divide by the amount of numbers you have (example adds up to 37. then divide by 5 (bc theres 5 numbers) and you get 7.4)

What is the next number in the sequence It seems that the sequence takes the doubled numbers than adds two to the said number, such as five. So with that theory it would be logical that six would come after the doubled fours.

What is the average number of pups that come out of a female coyote?

The average litter size is six.

What decimal numbers come before zero?

The decimal numbers that come before zero are : -20.3, -40.8 , -0.6 , -6.02 and many more . These are the numbers come before zero and present on left side of the number line.

What year did casting number 10224534 come out?

these numbers came from the Greeks chanting which turned into Latin and then turned into numbers

Where did numbers come from?

The number 1 came because it had 1 angle and so on with all the numbers up to 9

Numbers that come out a lot in megamillions lottery?

There is not certain numbers that come out more than others in the Mega Millions. If there were, everyone would win.

What decimal come between 2.37 and 2.38?

There are infinitely many decimals between any two given (different) numbers. If you want the number exactly in the middle, take the average of the two numbers.