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The Circumference is the Independent variable.

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It is a geometric variable.

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Q: The circumference is what the variable?
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Is the independent variable circumference or diameter?


What variable would you use to calculate the area or circumference of a circle?

r, for radius

Is the circumference of a circle a variable?

yes, it varies with the length of the radius. Pi is the only constant of circle math.

How do you you calculation the diameter with circumferance?

The formula for circumference is Pi x D= Circumference. If you know the circumference you solve for the diameter as you would any other variable. Let's say the circumference is 10, the equation would then be: Pi (3.14) x D = 10. Solve for D. D= 10/3.14

How is a meter and other variable are defined today?

1 meter is one forty-millionth of the polar circumference of Earth.

What is the circumference of a loonie?

A circumference is 4

Is the radius one fourth of the circumference?

No. It is circumference/(2*pi)No. It is circumference/(2*pi)No. It is circumference/(2*pi)No. It is circumference/(2*pi)

What is The circumference when the radius is 25 in?

THE FORMULA FOR FINDING THE CIRCUMFERENCE IS:CIRCUMFERENCE EQUALS DIAMETER TIMES 3.14In basic words:What do you know?You know you need to find the circumference of the circle, which is the distance all the way around the circle.You know the radius is 25 inches, the radius is the measurement from the center to the circumference of the circle.You know the formula needs the diameter, a diameter being the length of a line connecting two points on the circumference, touching the center of the circle, maintaining a straight line.With all this information, you can figure out that the radius is half the diameter.Now, begin your math.Problem: What is the circumference of a circle when you know the radius is 25 inches?Formula: Circumference= Diameter X 3.14 which is known as pi.Radius Diameter CircumferenceR=25 D=R times 2Replace variable R with the correct number:2525 multiplied by 2 is 50 which means that D=5050 multiplied by 3.14 is 157The circumference is 157

What is the circumference of a circle when the area is 36 pi?

To convert area into circumference, take the two formulas for circles--circumference and area: C=2pi*r A=pi*r^2 Now, isolate the common variable (r) in the second equation. r=sqrt(A/pi) Now you can substitute this in for "r" in the first equation to find circumference C=2pi*sqrt(A/pi) C=2pi*sqrt(36pi/pi) pi cancels out C=2pi*sqrt(36) C=2pi*6 C=12pi

Is the equation 2 pi r the circumference of a circle linear?

Yes it is. Linear simply means that the degree (or number of powers) of the variable is 1. In this case the variable is the radius "r" and it occurs to the first power ... so the equation C=2 times pi times r is linear in r. Ralph the triangle

What is the circumference of Betelgeuse?

The circumference of Betelgeuse is about 1180 times the circumference of our sun.

Why is circumference equal to 2 times Pi times r?

circumference=pi circumference=pi circumference=pi