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Q: The date amount in cheque is not filled by you can ipc section 138 applied on you?
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What is blank check?

A cheque in which the cheque issuer has not filled in the Amount

Is a cheque negotiable instrument?

No. A cheque is a non-negotiable monetary instrument. The value of the cheque cannot be modified or negotiated and hence the term non-negotiable. The amount filled up by the cheque issuer is the value of the cheque and it would not change.

State one item of information that must be printed on a bank cheque after it has been filled in and it is input to a computer and why it must be done?

state one item of information that must be printed on a bank cheque after it has been filled in and before it is input to a computer

What is cencil cheque?

Assuming you mean a 'cancelled' cheque... Once a cheque has been filled out - it is 'legal tender' in that it can be legally used to pay for something bought (or provide cash). Drawing two widely-spaced parallel lines with the word CANCELLED written between them, voids the cheque, and it cannot be used.

What feature of the Nubian section of the Nile is not found in the Egyptian section?

The rock filled rapids the nubian's did no have this in their land.

The amount a container can hold when filled?


What is the amount that a container can hold when filled?

the volume

How cheque are filled?

There are a number of important things that we must keep in mind while writing a cheque. They are elaborated below.1. Remember to Cross the ChequeCrossing a cheque means putting two parallel lines on the left hand top corner of the cheque. This means that, the cheque is a Account Payee cheque which means it can only be deposited into another account and cannot be exchanged for cash over the counter. This serves two purposes - you can keep a track of who encashed your cheque and also ensure that even if the cheque is lost, it cannot be misused by anyone. The person to whom the cheque was paid will be recorded.2. Write the Name of the person to whom the cheque is to be paid in fullIt is very important to state the cheque payee's name in full without missing any part of the name in the "pay to line" The name entered here should match the name under which the person holds a valid bank account. If there is any mismatch or spelling mistake the cheque will not be paid3. Write the amount to be paid both in numbers and wordsIt is advisable to write both the number value as well as value in words in the cheque. Also care must be taken to ensure that there are no leading or trailing blank spaces while entering these values which might cause tampering of the cheque and modification of the cheque value4. Write the cheque date promptlyDo not issue cheques that do not have a cheque issue date.5. Sign the cheque at the bottom right hand corner with the exact signature that is registered with the bank records.If there is even a slight mismatch between the signature in the bank records and that in the cheque the bank will not release the payment.

What section of the periodic table is the 4f subshell being filled?


In the Nubian section of the NIle it contains many rocked filled rapids or?


How do you write a cheque?

To do this you need a cheque book issued to YOU by YOUR bank. This will have preprinted cheques in it with your banks details and your name and account number printed on them. On on of these cheques there will be blank lines to fill in. At the top right of the cheque write the date in the space indicated. Then where it says 'Pay' write the name of the person or company to whom you wish to pay. Then on the next line write the amount you want to pay them in words. Next to this will be a space (box) for you to write the amount again but this time as numbers. Start the numbers as close to the left of the box as possible and after the last number draw a horizontal line to the edge of the box. (This is so that nobody can add numbers at the beginning or end of what you have written) You should then sign the cheque (with your normal signature) in the space for this. After you have done this the cheque is filled in but for security turn the cheque through 90 degrees and draw two horizontal lines across it form side to side and between these lines write the words 'Account Payee Only' (This means that the check must be payed into the bank account of the person to be payed - nobody else can cash the cheque if it gets lost in the post)

What do you notice about the cross section of a solid sphere?

Every section of a solid sphere is a filled-in circle, i.e. a disk with zero thickness.

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