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alphabets contains only the letters from a-z while alphanumeric has both numbers and letters...


ABCDEFGHIJ are alphabets

A4F54F54F5G AND 3F3FS34TH3 are both alphanumeric...

alphanumeric are commonly used as passwords since they are more difficult to crack that words or numbers separately...

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1)Alphabetic data is an information consist of alphabets only. while Alphanumeric data is an information consist of numbers and alphabets.

2)Alphabetic data is non-numeric data while alphanumeric data is not a part of non-numeric data.

3)Alphabetic data can be used in writing a name, while Alphanumeric data is usually used in writing any password.

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Differentiate between numeric and alphabetic data?

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Q: The difference between numeric and alphabetic?
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What are differences between data types numeric and non numeric?

Numeric data are data that can be quantify. i.e age, e.t.c While Non-numeric data are data that cannot be quantify but can be categorise. Such as colour, name e.t.c

What the difference between a geometric and a numeric constraint?


What is material code?

Coding is the process of assigning.this is the process of assigning the name to the grouped or specified item and the name can be number,letter number or numeric or alphabetic and numeric

What keys besides the typical alphabetic and numeric keys are including on a keyboard?

alt crtl esc ect

What form is used to write 135 thousand?

An alphanumeric form. The first part is numeric and the second is alphabetic.

What is the difference between numeric data and non-numeric data?

Numeric data are numbers (like age, cost, etc.), while non-numeric data are not numbers (like name, address, etc.).

What is alphabetic chars only?

In computer programming, a string can be made up of; all numbers (a numeric string,) all letters, (an alphabetic string,) or a mixture of numbers, letters, and symbols, (an alphanumeric string.)

What is the difference between numeric array and associative array?

Numeric array has numbers(+integers) that represent the values Associative array has strings that represent the values

What is the difference between Numeric data and Alphabetical data?

Int'l Uppercase Alphanumeric – field accepts only uppercase alphabetic characters and numbers from an international keyboard; all inputted text will be converted to uppercase. Multi-line Text - field accepts multiple lines of text. Numeric – field accepts only numbers and specific numeric data entry characters.

What does it mean if they say numeric numbers?

Numeric numbers are those written with the symbol, e.g. 1, 2, 3... This goes along with alphabetic numbers which are those written out in letters, e.g., one, two, three...

What is a difference between integer and numeric?

numeric means pertaining to a number or numeral and integer is a special type of number such as ...-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3... where ... means it goes on forever.

What is the difference between grep and sed?

The major difference between SED GREP and AWK is that SED allows you to find a pattern address. AWK only allows you to find a numeric address.