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The experimental probability of a coin landing on heads is 7/

12. if the coin landed on tails 30 timefind the number of tosses?

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What is the probability of landing on the number three?

The answer depends on WHAT is landed: a number cube, a tetrahedral die, some other polyhedron, a spinner?

Is there Another word for landed?

Nothing is possible. There is just... land,landed,and landing.

What was the name of the first lunar module to land of the moon?

The first landing was by the USSR in 1959 when they crashed landed Luna 2. The first soft landing with the aid of rockets came in 1966 when the USSR landed Luna 9 The first manned landing was when the US landed Apollo 11 in 1969

What is the probability that her keys have landed within the forest?

The probability is 0 because she has never been near a forest.

How are spacecrafts landed?

By sticking their landing sticks to the moon craters.

What is the name of the sea the Eagle landed in?

The Moon landing was "in" the Sea of Tranquility

How is an Apollo landing different to a space shuttle landing?

For a start, 6 Apollos landed on the moon. But on the Earth, the main difference is that the shuttle lands on a conventional runway, the Apollo capsule splash landed in the sea.

How troops landed on Normandy on D day?

The largest number landed on small landing boats, but many by parachute and in large gliders.

How is a Apollo landing different to a space shuttle landing?

The Apollo capsule landed by parachute in the ocean. The shuttle lands like an airplane.

What is the name of the place in moon landed by man?

The first landing was in "The Sea of Tranquillity".

When was the firsed moon landing?

Apollo 11 landed on the moon in the year 1969.

When was First lunar landing?

Apollo 11 landed on the moon on 20 July, 1969.

When was the first moon landed?

i think you mean when was the first moon landing. it was in 1969 A.D

What is the date of the first American moon landing?

They landed on the moon on 20th of July 1969.

How has UFOs landed?

Like flying machines on Earth, UFOs are equipted with landing gear.

Who was involved in the D-Day landing?

the allied forces landed in France on this day.

Has anyone landed on the moon?

well some of us have different oppinions but frankly i think no nobody has landed on the moon.Evidence shows in the clip of the landing the falg is blowing and there is know air in space and the direction of shadows also predict that the moon landing is fake

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