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600 centimeters equals 6 meters

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Q: The flagpole is 600 centimeter height . How high is the meter?
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The height of a flagpole?


What is the height of mt Everest in meter?

Mount Everest is 8,848m high

What is the height of the Malayan tapir?

on average one meter high at the shoulder

A rectangular prism measures 2 meters long, 0.5 meter wide, and 1 meter high. What is the volume of the prism in centimeter?

1 square meter. 2 * 1 * .5 = 1

Would you measure a flagpole in km?

Meters obviously meters is a very good measuringtool and a flagpole is pretty high so you keep stacking itThe Answer Is Meters

What is cubic centemeter?

its the volume of a cube with the length width and height all being 1cm its the volume of a cube with the length width and height all being 1cm

When the shadow of a flagpole is 31.2m long a 1.6m fencepost casts a shadow 2.6m long how tall is the flagpole?

First, find the ratio of fencepost-height : shadow which is 1.6 : 2.6 . This can also be written as a fraction, 1.6/2.6 . Then, multiply the flagpole's shadow by this ratio: 31.2 x 1.6/2.6 = 19.2 The flagpole is 19.2m high. The trigonometry way: On the imaginary right angled triangle formed by the fencepost and its shadow, let the angle at which the hypotenuse meets the ground = θ sinθ = 1.6/2.6 sinθ = /31.2 x/31.2 = 1.6/2.6 2.6x = 31.2 * 1.6 = 49.92 x = 19.2 The flagpole is 19.2m high.

A rope 32 m long is attached to the top of a flagpole The rope reaches a place on the ground 12 m from the base of the pole How many meters high is the flagpole?

This is your math problem that you are supposed to solve! You are supposed to use the formula, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sums of the squares of the other two sides. What is your hypotenuse? It is the 32 meter long rope. Then the distance from the flagpole to the end of the rope is 12 meters. So if you take the 32 meter hypotenuse and square it. And then you can take the 12 and square it. Then you can subtract the length of the end of the rope out from the flag pole squared from the length of the rope or hypotenuse squared and have the length of the flagpole squared. Now do your math.

How high is Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park?

Best guess for Nemesis Inferno Height is 28.955999 Meter

If I run a 14.9 for high school 110 meter hurdles how does that convert to college high 110 meter hurdles?

running them right now with no training on the height of college i would say 15.1-15.7

If a first grader measures 1 meter high how much bigger is this first grader compared to the height of a bug that measured 1 millimeter high?

The 1st grader is 100 times larger than the 1 meter high bug. :)

How high is 1 meter 0.64 Centimeters?

1m 0.64cm equates to a height of 3 feet 3.4 inches.