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Power = Work/Time

Time = Work/Power

Work = Power * Time

See related links for a power calculator. Insert work and time to calculate power.

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Q: The formula work and time is used to calculate what?
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If the formula to calculate work is distance divided by time how do you apply the formula?

You would have a very tough time, because that isn't the formula to calculate work. (distance) divided by (time) is the formula to calculate speed. The formula to calculate work is: (force) multiplied by (distance).

What is is the equation used to calculate work?

Work = Force * Direction. The work formula is used to calculate work done, force or displacement in any problems. It is given in Nm.

Which equations are used to calculate work and power?

Work = Force * Displacement ; power = Work / Time

What is the math formula used to calculate work?

the math used 2 calculate wrk iz 2hw+2hl+2wl=surface area 4 rectagular prism

What is the formula to calculate percent efficiency?

(work out/work in) x 100

I understand distance divided by time is the formula to calculate work How can I show an example to apply the formula?

Work is not defined as distance/time, but rather: work= force x distance Distance divided by time will give you velocity. Displacement (or distance traveled) = velocity x time

Formula to calculate work output?

Work Output=Resistance X Distance

Formula to calculate power?

Power = (amount of work done, energy transferred, or energy dissipated, in some length of time) divided by (the length of time)

How do you calculate work in joules?

The formula is W=f x d.

What is formula of power?

the formula for power is work/time.

What is the formula to determine work?

Formula=work all ofar time taking

What is the formula you use to calculate work?

i don't know so ha ha

What is the most commonly used formula used to calculate mass?

mass = volume x density mass = force / acceleration mass = work / (acceleration x distance)

What formula can be used to calculate work if the force acts at an angle to the displacement?

Work = (Force) x (Distance the object moves) x (cosine of the angle between force and motion)

Formula for power?

power = work over time to do work

What formula relates work and power?

power = work/time

What is formila of distance?

An often-used formula (if you work with constant motion) is: distance = speed x time

What is the formula to calculate useful work done?

To calculate useful work done, one could use an efficiency formula. Simply put, it is W= Fd. Work Done (J) = Force (N) x Distance (M) Work = Force x Displacement x cos.

What is the formula used to for work?

you use formula to work out sums eg =4+6 (press enter)

What is the formula for measuring the rate of work?

Work = power x time

What is a way to determine the amount of power being used?

Divide the amount of work done by the amount of time it takes.The formula for determining power is Power = Work ÷ Time.

Formula for calculating efficiency of a power supply?

You calculate efficiency by dividing work output by work input and multiply by 100% to get your answer.

What equation is used to calculate work?

Work = Force * work=Force x Distance

What quantity is used to calculate mechanical efficiency?


How can the average speed of an object be used to determine an unmeasured distance?

The average speed of an object can be used to determine an unmeasured distance by using the formula distance = speed x time. The time should also be known for this formula to work.