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Q: The galapagos islands are on a blue line. what is the line called?
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What islands in the pacific are closest to the equator?

The legendary Galapagos Islands, they're 1 degree North so there might be somewhere on the zero line.

A time line of the book islands of the blue dolphins?


How far is it from Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands?

If you could travel in a straight line, you could cover 4,355.085 nautical miles between these two landmasses.

When was Foss Islands Branch Line created?

Foss Islands Branch Line was created in 1880.

In hockey you are offsides over what line?

the blue line the blue line

What do the iguanas on the Galapagos islands eat?

They eat moss and lichen which grows on the rocks close to the shore-line. They also swim underwater to feed on submerged plants - returning to land to re-heat their bodies in the sun.

What is blue line in nile river?

There is no blue line in the Nile.

What is a line of islands?

Island Chain

What is the distance from blue line to blue line in the NHL?

50 feet

Who is the Minister for the Line and Phoenix Islands Development for Kiribati?

Tawita Temoku is the Minister for the Line and Phoenix Islands Development for Kiribati.

What south amerucan country is named for the line of latitude that crosses it?

Ecuador is the country you are referring to. It straddles the Equator on the Pacific coast of South America. It is home to part of the Amazon Rainforest, and part of the Andes Mountains, along with the Galapagos Islands.

When was Blue Line - MBTA - created?

Blue Line - MBTA - was created in 1924.

When was Blue Line - MARTA - created?

Blue Line - MARTA - was created in 1979.

When was Blue Star Line created?

Blue Star Line was created in 1911.

When did Blue Line - airline - end?

Blue Line - airline - ended in 2010.

When was Blue Line - airline - created?

Blue Line - airline - was created in 2002.

When was MAX Blue Line created?

MAX Blue Line was created in 1986.

When was Blue Line International created?

Blue Line International was created in 2003.

What ocean is the Line Islands?

Pacific Ocean

What is a blue line on a map?

A blue line on a map is a lake ,river , or body of water

What does the blue line on a map usually represent?

Water represents a blue line on a map.

What is the area painted blue in front of hockey net called?

The blue paint in front of the net is called the crease. Let's say if one of your team-mates takes a shot from the point (blue line) and your in the crease, then the goal is not allowed.

What is a group of closely scattered islands in a large body of water called?

The group could be called an archipelago. An extended line (e.g. from volcanoes) would be an island chain.

Why are volcanic islands arranged in a line?

Because they follow a fault line Because they follow a fault line

What do we call the area between the blue line and the hockey net called?

Depending on what team you are on it's called the Defensive End, or Offensive End