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1070 yards and 2 feet

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Q: The height is 3212 feet what is the height expressed in yards and feet?
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Expess the height of 3212 feet in yards and feet?

1070 yards, 2 feet 3212/3 = 1070.6667

What is 3212 H in F of A F?

"3212: Height in Feet of Angel Falls".

Which waterfall at a height of 3212 feet more than twice the height of the empire building is the tallest waterfall in the world?

Salto angel in venezuela. It is 3212 feet high.

Why is height usually expressed in feet and not in yards?

Because if it was in yards it would be way to tall, but if it were in feet ,which it is, then it would be great to measure. No man or woman can ever get so tall.

How many meters are in 3212 feet?

Angel falls is exactly 3212 feet tall and is the tallest waterfall in the world.

How many feet are there in 3212 meters?

There are 0.3048 metres in one foot. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 3212 metres is equal to 3212/0.3048 = 10538.06 feet.

How is 16.8 yards expressed as feet and inches?

50 feet 4 and 7/8 inch

In the U.S. Customary System distance is expressed in?

The units used are mainly inches, feet, yards, miles.

What water fall is as 3212 feet high?

the siveria

How many inches are in 3212 feet?

38 544

What is 1000 ft expressed in yards and feet?

333 yds and 1 foot

What is the correct estimate for the height of a refrigerator in yards?

no use feet