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"Yards" should be "feet."

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Q: What mistake was made if a giraffes height is 180 inches or 15 yards?
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What is the volume of a cylinder in cubic yards if the height is 153 inches and the diameter is 24 inches?

The volume of a cylinder, in cubic yards, if the height is 153 inches and the diameter is 24 inches is 69,215.57 cubic inches which equates to 1.484 cubic yards.

What is the height of a child inches feet yards miles?

The height of a child is around 1 to 3 feet. in inches that would be 12 inches to 36 inches in yards that would be 1/3 yards to 1 yard in miles that would be 0.00018939miles to 0.0005691818miles

Why are inches the best units to measure your height?

inches are more precise than feet or yards

How many inches are in how many feet are in 3 yards?

its the height of your mom ;)

What is the height of the door in yards and feet?

A standard door is 80 inches so it would be 2 yards and 1.5 feet.

How do you find height?

Depends on what... it can be measured in different values such as inches, meters, yards etc.

What is the Height limit for dwarfism?

26 yards and 3 inches that is the limit glad to help you

How do you measure the height of a tall building is it by Inches feet yards or miles?

yards and miles i doubt the building is over 2 miles high but if it is use miles. if not, yards

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 22in and a height of 14in?

308 square inches or inches or feet or yards or miles or you know the rest

How many inches are in 13.5 yards?

135 inches = 3.75 yards

How many inches are in 82 yards?

82 yards=2,952 inches

What is the radius of a cylinder if the volume of the cylinder is 13423.5 feet with a height of 19?

Is the height in inches, feet, yards? This question cannot be answered without knowing the unit for the height.

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