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Q: The image the product reflects in the minds of the consumer called segementation true or false?
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Why customer behavior is called consumer behavior?

It's because the customer is the product consumer. I think!?!?!

Is determined by how many consumers want to buy a product is called what?

Consumer demand

What is the first level of a product?

The first level is often called the core product, what the consumer actually buys in terms of benefits

What is the difference between a consumer and a customer?

Generally, a consumer refers to individuals who buy for themselves or their family (hence the term 'consumerism' in Economics and politics), whereas a customer can alsomean the retailer or person who buys from the manufacturer, etc. for ultimate sale to others.The one who buys the product is called a customer and the who uses the product is called a consumer.-A customer is who buys the things but a consumer is the person who finally utilizes it.

The price consumers are willing to pay for a product minus the price they actually pay is called?

Consumer surplus

When a consumer want to buy more of a product than producers are willing to make the resulting situation is called a?


What is is called when light reflects off from an object?

An Object which reflects light is called an illuminous object. e.g) The Moon: Reflects off sunlight

What is repeat sales?

Purchase of a product by a consumer to replace a prior purchase that has been consumed; also called replacement sale.

What is the difference between advertisement and advertising?

The information about the product displayed in the magazines is called Advertisement & Advertising is a form of communication which exhibits the products by the consumer..

What reflects the light on to the specimen?

The mirror, which can also be called the light source. It reflects the light.

What do you call the organisms that cannot make their own food and must feed on other organisms for energy and nutrients?

consumers. a consumer that eats a plant is a primary consumer. a consumer that eats a primary consumer is called a secondary consumer. a consumer that eats a secondary consumer is called a tertiary consumer. a consumer that eats a tertiary consumer is called a quarternary consumer.

What is it called when the surface reflects light on a mineral?

It is called the equalight