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well heres the answer but ill show you the steps to the solution after.

Answer: Rhode Island = 1212mi, Hawaii = 6425

Solution with steps:

so you give Rhode Island the value of 'x' because Hawaii's size is being compared to it. and Hawaii is 'x + 5213' because it is 5213mi larger than Rhode Island. and because together means addition, you add both values to equal 7637mi

it should look something like this

Problem: x + x + 5213 = 7637

Step 1: Combine like terms

2x + 5213 = 7637

Step 2: Subtract 5213 from both sides

2x + 5213 = 7637

- 5213 - 5213


2x = 2424

Step 3: Divide 2 from both sides (im going to skip the graphic and just cut ahead to what it would look like)

x = 1212

which means that Rhode Island has an area of 1212mi because it equaled 'x'. so since Hawaii is 'x + 5213', Hawaii = 6425mi

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Q: The land area of Hawaii is 5213mi greater than the area of Rhode Island together the areas total 7637mi what is the area of each of the two states?
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