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Statistical concept that larger the sample population (or the number of observations) used in a test, the more accurate the predictions of the behavior of that sample, and smaller the expected deviation in comparisons of outcomes.

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Q: The law of large numbers affects sampling procedure how?
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When every individual in a large population has a small but equal chance of being included in a survey researchers are using a procedure known as?

Random Sampling

What sampling technique will be the best for the large population size?

Clustered sampling.Clustered sampling.Clustered sampling.Clustered sampling.

For a large target population what are the sampling methods use to select the exact population?

There is no sampling method that will select the exact population.

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When to apply sampling?

you can use sampling when your population under study is large, expensive and time time consuming to study.... in a nut shell, when studying entire population is expensive we go for sampling...

How to reduce sampling error?

The only way to get rid of sampling error is to use the entire population under study. This is usually impossible, so the next best thing is to use large samples and good sampling methods.

List three characteristics good sample?

Ideally, representative samples should be: Taken at random so that every member of the population of data has an equal chance of selection; Large enough to give sufficient precision; Unbiased by the sampling procedure or equipment.

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What are the disadvantages of simple random sampling?

a simple random sampling is very difficult to conduct if the size of the population being studied is large. Moreover , it needs a lot of time and money. - S

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What are the disadvantages for random sampling?

its time consuming and expensive if its a large sample you need or a big target population