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First convert g to kg. 45.9/1000 = 0.0459Kg

(Multiply the bottom part)

0.04598 x 80.0 = 3.627

(Then divide using planck's constant)

(6.626 x 10^-34) / 3.627 = 1.80 x 10^-34

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Q: The mass of a golf ball is 45.9 g If it leaves the tee with a speed of 80.0 ms what is its corresponding wavelength?
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The mass of a golf ball is 45.9 If it leaves the tee with a speed of 76.0 what is its corresponding wavelength?

Lamda = 1.90*10^-34

The mass of a golf ball is 45.9 g If it leaves the tee with a speed of 60.0 ms what is its corresponding wavelength?

45.9g convert to kg=45.9/1000=0.0459kg then apply planck's constant=6.63*10^-34 0.0459*60.0=2.754 6.63*106-34/2.754=2.41*10^-34 m

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The speed is measured by radar from the batsman's end as the ball leaves the bowlers hand.

Do you note speed of ball after pitching or before pitching?

The speed of ball is usually measured when it leaves the bowler's hand. The ball rapidly decelerates as it approaches the batsman, further decelerating after it pitches.

How do you tell the kinetic energy of a ball when it leaves a gun?

Mass times speed squared.

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Is the speed of a pitch on the radar an average speed or the speed as the ball crosses the plate?

most radar guns record the speed of the ball as it leaves the pitcher's hand. However, on some guns, you can program it to record the speed as it crossed the plate as well.

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The ball will be traveling at the same speed when it returns to Earth.

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How do you get a speed ball in emerald?

speed ball is not avalible in emerald

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If a ball is thrown, the force pushing the ball will convert to energy to speed up the ball.

Does size effect the speed of a ball?

yes size effect the speed of a ball.