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The measure of the obtuse angle would then be double that of the acute angle.

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Q: The measure of an acute angle is half the measure of an obtuse angle.What is the measure of an obtuse angle?
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Related questions

If two of a triangle angles measure 42 degrees 48 degrees how would you classify that triangle?

acute , obtuse obtuse or right angle

Which angle measure less than 90 degreesan acute or obtuse angle?

An acute angle.

What angle is 55 degrees?


Is the sum of the measure of an acute angle and the measure of an obtuse angle always greater than 180 degree?

Not not always since an obtuse angle is always greater than 90 degrees and an acute angle is always less than 90 degrees.

Is an acute angle or an obtuse angle bigger?

An obtuse angle is larger than an acute angle.

Which angle is larger an obtuse angle or acute angle?

An obtuse angle is larger than a acute angle

What is the differentce between an acute angle and an obtuse angles?

Acute means the measure of the angle is less than 90 degrees; obtuse means it is more than 90 degrees.

What is an obtuse in math?

an obtuse is an angle measure that measures more then 90o. and acute angle would be less then 90o and a right angle is exactly 90o

Does an acute triangle have obtuse angles?

No, an obtuse triangles has one obtuse angle and two acute angles. If a triangle has an obtuse angle, it is considered obtuse and cannot be acute.

What type of angle is a 165 degree angle?

An obtuse angle.

What type of angle measures 89 degrees?

an angle measuring from 0 - 89.999 degrees is an acute angle. an angle at exactly 90 degrees is a right angle. an angle from 90.001 degrees to 180 degrees is an obtuse angle.

Is it true that every angle of an acute angle is acute?

yes. to be and acute angle, all angles must be acute. Obtuse angles only one angle has to be obtuse. Right angles only need one too. Acute has to have every angle to be acute, if one angle is obtuse or right, it's automatically no an acute Angle anymore.

What is a 150 degree angle called?

An obtuse angle.

What is the acute and obtuse?

Acute is an angle under 90o and obtuse is an angle over 90o

What type of angle is a 165 angle?

As the angle is between 90 degrees and 180 degrees it is an obtuse angle.

How do you find the measure of a obtuse angle?

Well 90% is a complete right angle so... it is obtuse if it is over 90% and if it is below 90% it is an acute angle <3

What angle is 132?

An angle of 132 degrees is an obtuse angle

Which is greater the measure of a straight angle plus an acute angle or measure of two obtuse angle?

Either can be greater, depending on the exact angles involved.

Is 120 degrees an acute or right or obtuse angle?

Obtuse. An acute angle is less than 90 degrees, a right angle is 90 degrees, and an obtuse angle is more than 90 degrees.

How can you tell from a obtuse to acute?

an obtuse angle is wider than an acute angle...(:

Why obtuse angle and acute angle can not be complementary?

An obtuse angle has no complementary angle.

Is an obtuse angle measure less than 90 degrees?

NO. An obtuse angle is over 90 degrees, but under 180 degrees. Acute angle is under 90 degrees.

The sum of two acute angles is something always or never an obtuse?

The sum of two acute angles is sometimes an obtuse angle because, acute angles can measure from 10 to 90 degrees. Two 30 degree angles would both be acute whose sum would only create another acute angle of 60 degrees. But, two80 degree angles would both be acute angle whose sum would only create an obtuse angle.

How do you know if an angle is acute or obtuse?

An acute angle is under 90 degrees, an obtuse angle is over 90 degrees.

Does a triangle have a right acute and obtuse angle?

Yes . Triangle have right acute and obtuse angle except compelete angle.

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