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From the information given, we have no idea, and no way to calculate it.

Could there possibly be another piece of information that was left out of the question ?

Such as perhaps the sum of the two angles ?

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Q: The measure of angle A is 5x plus 4 and the measure of angle B is 3x plus 10 what is the value of x?
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Given kite abcd the measure of angle ebc equals 6x plus 10 and the mesure of angle edc equals 9x -14 find the msure of angle ebc?


DC equals 1O What is the measure of angle ABD?

if DC = 10 What is the measure of angle ABD?

Calculate the measure of a central angle of a 10 sided polygon?

It can have any value at all. A definite value can be determined if the polygon is regular, but there is no justification for assuming that to be the case.

DC equals 10 what is the measure of angle AB?


HELP PLEAS Quadrilateral rstu is a rectangle if the measure of angle RSU equals7x - 10 and the measure of angle UST equals 3x plus 15 find x?

A picture would help. If I've reconstructed it correctly, it appears that RSU is a 90 degree angle and UST is a 45. That means that 1/2(7x - 10) = 3x + 15 x = 40

What is the angle measure of a 10 sided polygon?

Total 1440o; if regular, each angle = 144o

What is the measure of an angle in a regular 36 gon?

Each exterior angle measures 10 degrees Each interior angle measures 170 degrees

The supplement of an angle measures 10 times its complement What is the measure of the angle?

Let the angle be A, then the supplementary angle is (180 - A) and the complementary angle is (90 - A). But, 180 - A = 10(90 - A) = 900 - 10A 9A = 720 A = 80° The supplementary angle = 100° and the complementary angle = 10°

If m angle A 50 and m angle B 100 find the measure of BFE?

30 A+

How many sides does the regular polygon have if each interior angle measure is four times the measure of each exterior angle measure?

It will have 10 sides and each interior angle measures 144 degrees while each exterior angle measures 36 degrees

What is the degree measure of One ninth of a right angle?

10 degrees

What is the measure of the indicated central angle r equals 18?