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Q: The minimum exposure time for unwrapped instruments in a flash sterilizer set at 270oF 132oC and 27 lbs per square inch is?
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Employers must keep an employees's exposure records, on file for a minimum of ___ years?


What is aircraft instrumentation all about?

It is a specialized branch which deals with conventional instruments and radio frequency instruments. all together there are minimum 40 and above..

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There is a small chance of an allergic reaction to the contrast material. In addition, there is low radiation exposure. X rays are monitored and regulated to provide the minimum amount of radiation exposure needed to produce.

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For emissions over 30W: wear protective clothing at all times and keep exposure time to a minimum. 5-30W: Wear protective gear over prolonged exposures (>10mins). <5W: Generally none but wear protective gear if exposure is likely to be >1hr. Generally avoid if possible.

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