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Q: The number 16 in e-308-16 electrode means?
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The number 16 symbolises what?

The number 16 means: Established new beginnings.

What is the specification of welding electrode AWS A5.4 E316L-16?

Analysis No.A for E316L-16

What is excess weaving in welding?

excessive We were taught 2-1/2 times the width of the electrode was maximum. ie: 5/16" width weld bead for 1/8" electrode.

What does E 308L-16 electrode mean?

e=electrode 308=AWS standard for stainless steel L=carbon compound 1=welding position(all position) 6=characteristic

Why you write H after number in microprocessor?

Writing H after a number means the number is a hexadecimal, or base 16, number.

What is welding electrode e 309 meaning?

E means Electrode,309 is used when joining stainless steel to carbon steel. It will have a dash and number following it -15 or -16. The 1 means all position, the two together 15 or 16 denotes the type of current that can be used (both can be used with AC or DC reverse) and the primary ingredient in the coating. It may also have LC or ELC designation. LC means Low Carbon, ELC means Extra Low Carbon. An example E-309-16ELC

What is Square number?

a square number is a number times itself. Ex. 4 x4 = 16 16 is a square number.

How many electrodes are used per inch of weld?

depending on: the type of electrode, and gap between material, and material thickness, and whether or not the groove is beveled... roughly 1 electrode per 8 inches for a cover pass, and 1 electrode per 16 inches for a root pass

How many protons in an atom of sulfar?

Sulfur is element number 16. this means it has 16 electrons, 16 protons, and if you subtract the mass number of 32, this means there is 16 neutrons. PS: even thought the mass number is 32.06, its because the mass of the proton and the neutron isn't exactly 1. Although pretty close

How do you find 2 percent of what number is 16?

You make an equation: 0.02*X=16 Which means 2 percent of X is 16.

What does 1.5 mean?

The number 15 is the cardinal number that is the sum of fourteen plus one. 15 is the number that is between 14 and 16.

What is the roman numeral number of 16000?

It is: (XVI) which means 1000*16 = 16,000