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you multiply the two numbers before the =.

ex. 4x8=. the 4 and the 8 are the numbers you multiply

another is 6x9=. the 6 and the 9 are the numbers you multiply.

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Q: The numbers you multiply in a multiplication problem?
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How do you make a multiplication problem?

multiply 2 numbers dahh

How do you work a multiplication problem?

You multiply two (or more) numbers together.

What procedures the should be performed first in the multiplication problem?

You should multiply one pair of numbers.

How do you find the quotient of two numbers when both are positive?

A quotient is the answer to a multiplication problem. Therefore, just multiply the two numbers.

What is it called when you multiply numbers?


How do you square numbers like 84?

You take the number and multiply it by itself and then the question becomes a simple multiplication problem.

When you multiply two numbers what do you call the two numbers that you multiply?

The two (or more) numbers that you multiply are called factors. (The result of the multiplication is called the product.)

What is thew answer to multiplication problem?

the multiplication of two numbers is called a factor the answer to a multiplication problem is called a product

What is the answer when you multiply 2 numbers?

The answer to a multiplication is called the product.

What is a product in multiplication?

A product in multiplication is the two numbers you multiply.

What you get when you multiply 2 numbers together?

The answer to a multiplication is called the product.

In a miltiplacation problem do you times the exponents?

In a multiplication problem with exponents, one should not multiple the exponents. Rather, it would be correct to multiply the numbers while adding the exponents together.