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you multiply the two numbers before the =.

ex. 4x8=. the 4 and the 8 are the numbers you multiply

another is 6x9=. the 6 and the 9 are the numbers you multiply.

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Q: The numbers you multiply in a multiplication problem?
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Related questions

How do you work a multiplication problem?

You multiply two (or more) numbers together.

How do you make a multiplication problem?

multiply 2 numbers dahh

What procedures the should be performed first in the multiplication problem?

You should multiply one pair of numbers.

How do you find the quotient of two numbers when both are positive?

A quotient is the answer to a multiplication problem. Therefore, just multiply the two numbers.

What is it called when you multiply numbers?


How do you square numbers like 84?

You take the number and multiply it by itself and then the question becomes a simple multiplication problem.

What is thew answer to multiplication problem?

the multiplication of two numbers is called a factor the answer to a multiplication problem is called a product

When you multiply two numbers what do you call the two numbers that you multiply?

The two (or more) numbers that you multiply are called factors. (The result of the multiplication is called the product.)

What does a multiplication grid look like?

a multiplication grid looks like a box set of numbers where you multiply two numbers making each two numbers multiplied by making multiplication boxes

In a miltiplacation problem do you times the exponents?

In a multiplication problem with exponents, one should not multiple the exponents. Rather, it would be correct to multiply the numbers while adding the exponents together.

What is the number being added in a multiplication problem called?

Numbers in a multiplication problem aren't added. In a multiplication sentence, the multiplicand times the multiplier equals the product.

What does 'product of prime numbers' mean?

The multiplication answer of the prime numbers, so if you multiply them, the answer is called the product

What is a product in multiplication?

A product in multiplication is the two numbers you multiply.

What is the answer when you multiply 2 numbers?

The answer to a multiplication is called the product.

What is the similarities between multiplication and division?

you have to multiply numbers to find your answere

What are the 2 numbers before the product called in a multiplication problem?

The operands for multiplication are called 'factors'.

What property is illustrated by this problem 7x8 equals 8x7?

The Abelian or commutative property of the multiplication of numbers. It is important that both "multiplication" and "numbers" feature in the answer. Because, it is applicable to multiplication but not, for example, for division. It is applicable for the multiplication on numbers but not matrices.

What is another word for multiplication?

Multiply, Times, Add same numbers, Product

What you get when you multiply 2 numbers together?

The answer to a multiplication is called the product.

Why is the area of a problem squared?

You multiply it and your finding space of what it has. The multiplication makes the squared.

What are multiplication facts?

A multiplication fact is a multiplication problem with numbers going up to 12, at most. You are supposed to memorize these during school.

How do you do multiplication whole numbers?

Multiplication is nothing but repeated addition.We multiply whole numbers by referring to their multiplication tables and also by multiplying first the layer digit, then carrying off and then multiplying all the digits successively.

How do you do multiplication problems with decimal points?

You multiply the numbers like you multiply integers. Count how many numbers are after the decimal points in both numbers combined and move the decimal point in front of the answer.

Can multiplication be distributive over subtraction?

Multiplication can be the first step when using the distributive property with subtraction. The distributive law of multiplication over subtraction is that the difference of the subtraction problem and then multiply, or multiply each individual products and then find the difference.

What is the name for the numbers being multiplied in a multiplication problem?