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Q: The perimeter of a square with sides of 2 feet is 8 feet The perimeter of a square with sides of 4 feet is 16 feet What linear equation fits this situation?
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Is perimeter calculated in square feet?

Perimeter is in feet and not in square feet

Is the perimeter of a square a linear or nonlinear function of the length of one of its sides?

linear, if side is x then perimeter is 4x

Is the perimeter of a square is linear?

You use linear units to express it, such as meters or millimeters, if that's what you mean.

What is the perimeter equation for a square?

P_square=4L where L is the length of the side of the square.

What is the difference between the units for linear measurement and units for measuring perimeter?

A linear unit is a one-dimensionn line; a square unit is area. A linear unit is a distance measurment like 1 inch, 2 miles, or 3 kilometers. A square unit is expressed in square, like 2 square feet.

Explain why perimeter is measured in units and area is measured in square units?

Because the perimeter is a linear measurement, and area is measured by multiplying 2 linear measurements together.

Why is perimeter measured in linear units?

Perimeter is measured in Linear Units because it is Measurement of The Outline or Path of a given shape or area; a Perimeter is NOT the Measurement of What is Inside that Outline/Path. It is a One-Dimensional measurement, which MEANS it is a Linear Unit Measurement, such as Feet or Meters.Alternatively, a Two-Dimensional Measurement, is the Square of a Linear Unit -- like AREA is a Two-Dimensional Measurement and therefore Measured in Linear Units Squared (i.e. meters2/Square Meters or feet2/Square Feet). Area is the Measurement of What is Contained within a given Perimeter.

Is perimeter measured in cubic units or square?

A perimeter is measured in LINEAR units. Neither 'square' units nor 'cube' units.

The perimeter of a square depends on the length of its sides A square with a side length of 4 meters has a perimeter of 16 meters A square with a side length of 6 meters has a perimeter of 24 meters?

The perimeter of a square is 400 meters. write an equation for the perimeter and solve for the length of one side

Is the circumference of a square linear?

A square can't have a circumference. That's only for circles squares have area, volume, or perimeter.

How do you show square root in a linear equation?

You can't have a square root in a linear equation other than to express a constant. If it is used as such, it is represented the same way as in any other branch of mathematics.

How is a radical equation similar to a linear equation?

Technically,no. A radical equation has a radical (Square root) in it, and has two solutions because the square root can be positive or negative.