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6 quarts is 12 pints. Isaac has 1 quart and 1 pint left over.

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Isaac made one quart in 2 OZ of vegetable dip and poured 3 cups and 3 oz into a bowl how much dip remains

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5 quarts and 2 pint

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Q: The pitchers that Isaac bought for the party each hold 2 quarts of liquid. If he makes 15 pints of smoothie and has three pitchers how much of the smoothie will not fit into the pitchers quart and pin?
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A pitcher of milk has how many quarts?

Most pitchers contain 2 quarts.

How many quarts in 1.6 gallons?

1 gallon [US, liquid] = 4 quarts [US, liquid] 1.6 gallons [US, liquid] = 6.4 quarts [US, liquid]

What is quarts?

quarts is a measurement of a liquid.

4 quarts are how many ounces?

4 quarts of liquid(US) = 128 ounces of liquid(US)4 quarts of liquid(UK) = 160 ounces of liquid(UK)

How many quarts equals a pitcher?

Pitchers come in a variety of sizes, however, the most typical size for a pitcher would be about 2 quarts.

12 gallons is how many quarts?

12 gallons [US, liquid] = 48 quarts [US, liquid]...

What can you measure in quarts?

you can measure any liquid in quarts.

How many ounces in 8 quarters?

If you mean 8 QUARTS, that depends on the liquid. -8 quarts of water is 256 ounces.If you mean 8 QUARTS, that depends on the liquid. -8 quarts of water is 256 ounces.

How many qts makes cubic yard?

There are dry and liquid quarts. In the US, there are 807.90 liquid quarts to a cubic yard.

What is quarts used in?

Quarts is used to measure liquid volume.

How much money is clear quarts worth?

Clear quarts of what liquid? ;)

Comparison of liquid measurement - quarts to gallon?

there are 4 quarts in a gallon.

2 quarts equal?

one half gallon if they are liquid quarts

Are quarts minerals?

Quarts are units of liquid measure. Quartz is a mineral.

How many gallons in 4000 quarts?

999.9999472 us liquid gallons are in a us liquid quart 1000 quarts

How many quarts in a cubic foot?

29.92 liquid quarts or 25.71 dry quarts. (US measure)

How many quarts does a pitcher hold?

I have pitchers that range from 1.5 pints to 4 pints. There is no fixed size of pitcher.

How many liters in 5 qts?

5 liquid quarts = 4.7 liters 5 dry quarts = 5.5 liters The above refers to US quarts. In Britain 5 quarts (Liquid only) would equal 5.68 litres.

How many liters are in 10 quarts?

10 Imperial quarts = 11.37 litres10 US quarts = 9.46 litres.A US liquid quart is equal to two American pints or 946 millilitres (0.946 litre). So:2 US liquid quarts = 1.892 litres3 US liquid quarts = 2.838 litres4 US liquid quarts = 3.784 litres5 US liquid quarts = 4.73 litres10 US liquid quarts = 9.46 litres20 US liquid quarts = 18.92 litres1 liter ~ 1.05669 US quarts1 US quart ~ 0.946353 liters1 quart = 1/4 gallons

What is quarts and pints?

Quarts and pints are liquid measurements in the customary system of measurement

Are quarts soft minerals?

Quarts are units of liquid measure. Quartz is a mineral.

How many liters are in 1.35 quarts?

1.35 U.S. liquid quarts is about 1.28 liters. 1.35 U.S. dry quarts is about 1.49 liters. 1.35 Imperial quarts (liquid or dry measure) is about 1.53 liters.

How many pounds in 1.5 quarts of liquid?

Depends on the density of the liquid.

How many us quarts are in 1 liter?

There are 0.9 US quarts, and 1.06 US liquid quarts in 1 litre.

Do two quarts equal one pitcher?

Unfortunately, one pitcher isn't a standard measurement. There are different sized pitchers.