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the radius of a cirle is what percent of the diameter

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Q: The radius of a cirle is what percent of the diameter?
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Is the radius of a cirle half of the diameter?


What is the radius of a cirle with a diameter of 8 inches?

4 inches. The radius is half of the diameter

The diameter of a cirle is 127mm What is the length of theradius?

The radius of a circle is always PRECISELY one half its diameter.

What is the formula for the circumference of the cirle?

circumference of a circle = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter

This figure is a regular 12 sided polygon the diameter of the cirle that circumscribes it is 16cm find the radius of the polygon?


What is the area of a circle with a diamiter of 46?

The area of a cirle is: PI * r2 Where "r" is the radius, and PI is approximately 3.14. Hint: A radius is half of the diameter.

What percentage of diameter of a circle is the radius?

50 percent of diameter of a circle is the radius.

If the radius of a circle is 10 inches what is the diameter?

The radius is half the diameter. The diameter is twice the radius. If the radius is 10 inches, the diameter is twice that, or 20 inches. The radius is any straight line that connects a point on the circle with it's center. The diameter is a line segment that connects two points on a cirle throught the center of the circle.Answer:Let r be the radius of the circle and d be the diameter of the circle. We know that the diameter = 2 * radius of the circle. Given the radius r = 10 inches. Diameter d = 2 * 10 Diameter = 20 inches.

What is the area of a cirle if diameter is 16?

Area of a circle is pi r^2 diameter is twice the radius. 3.14*8*8=64*pi or approximately 200.96

If you have a diameter of 8 what is the radius?

Four - Diameter is the length of the circle, one end to the other through the cirle, while radiusis from the middle of the circle , out. Hence Being half. s :)

What is the circunference of a cirle with 12 diameter?

circumference = pi*diameter

The formula for circumference of a cirle is?

pi*radius squared

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