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the result is evaluate expression or even better Unknown

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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The sum of two numbers is 19 and their product is 78 What is the larger number

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Q: The result after adding a set of numbers or algebraic expressions is called a?
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What do you call the result after multiplying a set of numbers or algebraic expressions?

The product is the result after multiplying a set of numbers or algebraic expressions

Why are algebraic expressions called variables?

Algebraic expressions may contain variables but they are not normally called variables. In fact, if they are related to identities, they need not be variable. For example, (4x2 + 8xy + 4y2)/(x + y)2 is an algebraic expression, but it is not a variable: it equals 4.

What are the two algebraic expressions set equal to each other called?

An equation

X plus 6and y plus 4 are called?

They are algebraic expressions.

What are parts of algebraic expressions that are separated by plus or minus signs?

If I remember correctly, they are called terms.

What is the process for evaluating expressions called?

An algebraic expression is a process for evaluating expressions. Replacing variables with numerals and following a standard order of operations is used for the process.

What are algebraic expressions?

An algebraic expression is the mathematically symbolic way to display an algebraic statement. They often contain numbers called coefficients, and letters called variables. Some examples include: Monomials, such as 5x, 10y, and 15xy; Binomials, such as 110x +15 and 3a + b; and Trinomials, such as ax2 + bx + c and x2 + xy + y2.

What are real numbers in an algebraic expression called?


What is a process for evaluating expressions called?

Algebraic expressions can be simplified by combining together like terms but there are no solution because they don't contain equality signs

When were fractions discovered?

Historically, any number that did not represent a whole was called a "fraction". The numbers that we now call "decimals" were originally called "decimal fractions"; the numbers we now call "fractions" were called "vulgar fractions", the word "vulgar" meaning "commonplace". The word is also used in related expressions, such as continued fraction and algebraic fraction-see Special cases below.

What are expressions that contain variables numbers and at least one operation called?


Finding the value of an algebraic expression by replacing variables with numbers called what?

Evaluating the expression

The result of adding numbers together is called the?


How mathematics in India was in past?

mathematics in India,was really evident. The main civilization called roman and Chinese which gives more information about algebraic expressions and trignometery.

What is it called when two numbers are added?

When adding numbers, the total is the sum. The sum of two odd numbers is even.

What is it called when you add two numbers two together?


What is algebraic system in chess?

The algebraic system in chess is the letters and numbers that run along the edge of some chess boards. It is actually called algebraic notation and is quite useful in chess. To find out more about this, you can visit

What is it called when numbers are multiplied to give a product?

The action of multiplying them is called multiplication and the numbers that are being multiplied are called factors. In an algebraic proof, you can refer to the act of multiplication (or any other operation) as substitution.

What are expressions that have the same value no matter what x represents called?

algebraic expressions

How do you solve algabraic expressions?

Expressions are just expressions. Art is an expression and no one can "solve" art. You need problems to solve. In algebra, you'll most likely be looking for equations to solve. Generally you are looking for a simple way to express a variable or to equate the variable to a number. This can be done using what are called "algebraic manipulations". Usually this involves just adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing each side of an equation (an expression need not have "sides"), however there are many, many different operations than these. wow does that suck....the answer is Elmo

What is a combination of numbers and operations?

Numeral expression, just look up numeral expressions

What is an expression that contains sums and or products of variables and numbers?

It is, in fact, called an expression. To be more precise, an algebraic expression.

What is a decimal that does not show a repeating pattern called?

These numbers, such as pi, are known as trancendentalnumbers, because they represent a value that is not the solution of an algebraic equation or a quotient using real numbers.

What is the symbol for adding two numbers together?

+ is the symbol for adding two numbers together.It is usually called the plus symbol.

What does equation mean in math terms?

An equation is any algebraic statement that contains an '='. For example 2 + x = 5 and x98 = 7874.6 are equations but 2 + x and x98 are not and are called expressions.