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5 kilometres

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2010-05-15 15:29:58
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Q: The scale on a map is 4 centimetre's to 1 kilometer on the map the distance to the rail station is twenty centimetre's ow many kilometer's is it to the rail station?
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How far from Euston Station to Kings Cross?

The distance from Euston Station to Kings Cross Station is 0.6 miles. In kilometers, the distance is one kilometer. Taking a quick walk from Euston Station to Kings Cross Station may take 9 to 12 minutes.

Distance between h nizamuddin station new delhi station?

Eight Kilometer

What is the distance in kilometers between antarcica vostok station and Osaka Russia?

The air distance from Antarctica's Vostok Station to Osaka, Japan, is 5,723 miles. That equals 9,210 kilometers or 4,973 nautical miles.

How many kilometer distance is new delhi railway station from international airport?

Around 17 kms.

What is the distance from New Delhi railway station to Ghaziabad?

19 kilometers by road

What is the distance between Lahore railway station and Punjab university?

5 kilometers

What is the distance between New Delhi station and Indira Gandhi airport?

1736.59 kilometers

What is the distance between Palmer Station Antarctica and McMurdo Station Antarctica?

4000 kilometers. Palmer Station is south of South America, and McMurdo Station is south of New Zealand.

Point B represents the location of the bus station, and point Z represents the location of the train station. Each unit on the grid represents one kilometer. Which of these is the distance between the bus station and the train station?


What is the distance from Station Nord Greeland to Edinburgh Scotland?

The distance from Station Nord, Greenland, to Edinburgh, Scotland, is 1,798 air miles. That equals 2,894 kilometers or 1,563 nautical miles.

What is the distance from Hammersmith bridge to Waterloo station?

Just a meter/ centimeter.milimeter/kilometer. Crap. I do not know. Hope dis will help. xD

Distance between jammu airport and jammu railway station?

Just one and half kilometer need not cross River tawi

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