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Speed - but NOT velocity.

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Q: The speedometer of a car moving east reads 55mph it passes another car going west at 55mph the cars have the same?
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What speed are you actually traveling at when your speedometer reads 55mph?

Unless you have a broken speedometer, you are traveling at 55 mph.

How fast is 55mph in km?

55mph is about 88.5km/h

Pretend you are driving 55 mph down highway and you notice a bug flying around in your car is the bug flying at 55 mph more than 55 mph or less than 55 mph?

Relative to your car, the bug is travelling at whatever speed the bug normally flies at; this would almost certainly be less than 55mph. Relative to the road, the bug is travelling at 55mph, plus whatever its speed inside the car is: * If the bug were moving from front to back (of the car), it is travelling at slightly less than 55mph; * if moving from back to front, it is moving at slightly more; * if travelling side to side, it is also traveling at slightly more than 55mph - vector addition of velocities shows this; * if staying still inside the car, it is travelling at 55mph.

How many kilometers per hour in 55mph?

55mph = 88.5km/h

How do you tell how fast you are going if the speedometer is broken?

Use a GPS ^ posted by someone else What you want to do is drive with traffic and watch your tachometer. That is the RPM gauge, if your car has one. By marking the tach you can tell your approximate speed at any given time. You need to watch what RPM's you shift at, if you are in fifth gear cruising at 55mph then look at where your RPM's are... they will always be really close that in 5th gear at 55mph. You can then use that as an easy way to tell your speed with a broken speedometer.

When travailing at 55mph how many feet do you need to stop?

when traveling at 55mph, how many feet do you need to stop

How many seconds will it take to cover 19 miles at 55mph?

1,243.6 seconds to cover 19 miles at 55mph

Can you put 245 70 16 tires on a 2011 ford escape awd that 235 70 16 as standard size?

Yes at all 4 fcorners, but your speedometer will be off alittle(56mph actual speed at 55mph displayed).

How long would it take to travel 4260 feet at a speed of 55mph?

52.8 seconds to travel 4,260 feet @55mph

When should over drive be used?

55mph +

How fast can a 125cc Atv go?


What is the top speed for a ttr 125?


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