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Q: The sum of a number and twice the number is 30 Find the number?
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The sum of a number and twice the number is 30?

x+2x=303x=30 x=10

The sum of a number and its square is 6 Find the number?

There are two solution: -3 and +2.

The sum of a number and 9 is -30. find the number?


What number between 20 and 30 has a sum of all its proper factors equal to twice the number itself?

There aren't any numbers like that. You might be thinking of 28, which has a sum of all its factors equal to twice itself, making it a perfect number. Proper factors are a different set.

Twice the sum of 10 plus an unknown number equals 50?

the unknown number is 30 as 50 = x +2(10) so 50 = x+20 so 30 = x

The sum of twice a number and seven is thirty Find the number?

2x + 7 = 30 - 7 - 7 2x = 23 x = 23/2 x = 11.5

What is the sum of twice a number and 14 less than the number is the same as the difference between -6 and the number?


What is twice the sum of 15?

It is: 15+15 = 30

What is the absolute value of the sum of -7 and twice a number is 23 Find the number?

If you mean... -7+x*2=23 then x = 15. Done without the aid of a calculator ! The value of 'x' (the unknown number) MUST equal 30, because 30-7=23 - SO, half the unknown number must be 15!

What is One number is one more than twice another and their sum is 91. What are the numbers?

The numbers seem to be 61 and the dirty Gertie, blind 30.

What are the answer to pg 30 sum codes pre algebra with pizzaz?

three more than a number is -5 find the number

Twice a number added to sixty is 120 Find the number?

Thirty: 30*2+60=120

Seven times a number is 30 greater than the sum of twice the number and 5what is the number?

Correction: Here is the equation you will need to solve: 7N - 30 = 2N + 5 --> 5N = 35 --> N = 7

what equals the number 30?

The sum of divisors of a number, excluding the number itself, is called its aliquot sum

What is the sum of two numbers if the first number is 30 less than twice the second number and the second number is 16?

Let x = first number The equation would look like this: x = 2(16) - 30 x = 32- 30 x = 2 Okay, since we're using x as our variable for the first number, then the first number is 2. Next we add both of the numbers together in order to find the sum. 2 + 16 = 18 So the final answer would be 18.

How to solve the sum of first 30 odd numbers?

(In this case, the median is the average) Find the median ((29 + 31) / 2) = 30 , multiply by number of numbers (30) = 30 * 30 = 900

What is the answer to Twice a number added to sixty is 120 Find the number?

Let the number be x If: 2x+60 = 120 Then: x = 30

5 odd numbers to get a sum of 30?

The sum of an odd number of odd numbers can't be an even number.

What is the sum of all the factors of 30?

The sum of the positive whole-number factors of 30 is 72.

What number product is 30 and sum is 31?

30 and 1. 30*1 is 30, 30+1 = 31.

Find the sum of the first 30 numbers?

30*31/2 = 465

Think of a number Twice the number increased by 12 results in 30 Find the number?

Call the number I am thinking of W ( for WikiAnswers) 2W+12=30 So 2W=18 W is 9 The number is 9

What is the sum of the number of corners edges and sides on a cube?


What is the sum of even number less than 30?

The answer is 240.

What is the sum of the prime number between 30 and 60?